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‘Among Us’: How To Win As The Imposter, Most Of The Time

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‘Among Us’: How To Win As The Imposter, Most Of The Time

Words: Andrew Brown

Among Us is a game about murdering - or being murdered by - your friends, often incredibly violently. The pain of a snapped neck, however, pales in comparison to the agony of a good metaphorical backstab.

If you're wondering how to win as the Imposter, look no further: we've sacrificed our morals, reputation and friendships to bring you 10 of the absolute sneakiest tricks to use in your quest for victory.


Remember: there's only one ship that matters in Among Us, and it's not friendship.


1. Use Sabotage to Make Friends


In real life, I don't recommend sabotaging a nuclear reactor to make friends. In Among Us, however, I positively insist that any aspiring imposter does, frequently.

You may think sabotage is a great way to kill off the entire crew, but realistically that only succeeds very rarely. Instead, it's far more productive to sabotage something just so people can see you fixing it. This is particularly relevant to the reactor and oxygen system, as it requires two crewmates (or one crewmate and a cunning imposter) to fix. Use sabotage to build friendships with unsuspecting players and make sure they remember you were there to help.

Not only do you come across as trustworthy and helpful to the rest of the crew, you can build bonds with specific crewmates while creating a solid alibi - which leads us to our next dastardly point.



2. Make a Kill, Make a Friend

Sensing a theme? Like a 1990s TV show, the power of friendship in Among Us is ridiculously strong. After killing someone, your number one priority should be getting to another player - as per the video above. When - shock! - a body is found, don't just say who you were with. Mention that you don't think it was the other person because you were with them - your unsuspecting alibi will be far more likely to back you up without second thought if you're exonerating them. The rest of the crew will trust a two-way alibi far more than a vague statement of location, even if it's far from the body.

Feeling really devious? Mention who you didn't see in your group.


3. Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew: Blend In

It's not enough to avoid being caught killing someone - crewmates need to believe you're one of them so that you're not voted out on a vague suspicion. If you think you're in view of someone, act like a normal crewmate would. Instead of randomly wandering as if you're hunting for a target - which, admittedly you are - pretend you're moving from task to task.

Don't blatantly follow someone, randomly enter or exit rooms, or perform sudden U-turns if you can help it. When there are fewer crewmates left alive, it takes surprisingly little to find yourself voted out - so don't give other players even the smallest reason to suspect you.


4. Proper Line of Sight Is Crucial

We've all had it happen to us before. You think you've got a perfect chance to kill, then bam - an innocent crewmate turns the corner right as you press the kill button. Awkward.

While it's not always an option, try to scope out the area before killing. Avoid killing in corridors and corners, as you'll get little warning if another crewmate is nearby. There are a couple of different spots - for example, Electrical on the main map - that allow you to check for witnesses before killing.

Do do this...


Don't do this...


5. The Art of the Blame: Insinuate More, Accuse Less

Emergency meetings aren't just a game of survival for any imposters. If you play them smart, they can also be an opportunity for some good old-fashioned democratic murder.

If you start throwing around bold accusations everywhere, other players will quickly catch on. Change up your vocabulary and you'll find you have much more room to manoeuvre.

You didn't "see" blue running from the body, you "thought" you saw them. You were with pink, but "didn't see" black with anyone. This is a lot more subtle than throwing accusations around, making you seem less suspicious and providing the classic "I wasn't sure" excuse if you're ever called out.

6. Stuck in a Vent? Kill the Lights

If you need to retreat into the vents but you're worried about being spotted exiting, this trick lets you live out your inner Xenomorph fantasy.

As a rule of thumb, always wait a couple of seconds before jumping straight out of a vent (see below). If you're still worried about being spotted leaving the vents, sabotage the lights before going in. The crewmates will suffer massively reduced vision, meaning anyone who isn't right by the vent won't see you leave.


7. Smile! You're on CCTV

CCTV is a huge liability for any aspiring murderer, and as more people complete their tasks you'll find crewmates naturally gravitate to the security room. Not only does this mean certain camera-covered corridors are entirely off-limits for killing, it makes killing lone crewmates even more difficult.

Try and learn which areas are on camera to avoid your next kill becoming reality TV for the rest of the ship. If multiple people are crowding security, try sabotaging the oxygen to break them up.

8. First Impressions Count - Speak First

In many cases, the first person to be accused in a meeting is often voted out. The first accusation, for some reason, holds infinite weight. This is a powerful - if entirely inexplicable - tool in the hands of a crafty imposter. Type quickly to ensure the meeting goes your way from the start - as per the video below.


9. Make It Personal: Spare Alibis and Scapegoats, Kill the Rest

Killing indiscriminately is always tempting, especially if your friends are as annoying as mine. However, showing an ounce of restraint can greatly increase your chances of success.

Try and pick your next target based on the outcome of an emergency meeting. Try to spare your solid alibis for as long as possible, while killing anyone who seems to distrust or outright accuse you. If the lobby seems to suspect multiple people, keep them around to ensure you have ample suspects to pin the blame on.

10. Join the Angry Mob - But Don't Lead It

Ah, the good ol' angry mob. It can always be relied upon to eject someone into the harsh void of space, whether the poor crewmate was guilty or not. If the lobby has found its next suspect, pile on your suspicions with everyone else.

The thing is, an angry mob is fickle. If the person that riled them up turns out to be wrong, they're often the next to go flying. Feel free to join in with someone else's accusations; but try not to be the first to point the almighty finger.


And with that, you're ready to start betraying friends and strangers alike...

Among Us is great because there's so much depth and nuance to every single social interaction that occurs. While this is great for the game, you might think we've left out a couple of obvious tips. If you're willing to share your secrets to success, let us know - you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the author on Twitter at @AndyBrown202.

Featured Image Credit: Innersloth

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