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Why Has Google Maps Blurred Out This 'House Of Horrors' on Street View?

Why Has Google Maps Blurred Out This 'House Of Horrors' on Street View?

Google Maps snaps the weirdest things, but none more terrifying than this house of horrors.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

When you put a super high definition camera on top of a Google Maps car and drive it around the majority of the world, you're going to pick up a few strange sights. Some are lighthearted, like a lady almost flashing her assets, some are sinister like a man aggressively pointing a gun and others are so horrific that they've been completely blurred out altogether. One of the most twisted places to be blurred out is on a working-class street in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 'House Of Horrors' is Blurred Out.
Google Maps

2208 Seymour Avenue is completely hidden from view no matter how hard you try to zoom in, and for good reason. It's the place where Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight where held captive and abused by Ariel Castro for almost a decade.

The two-story building has four bedrooms, a bathroom, a 760sq ft (71sq m) basement, two porches, an attic and a detached garage. It all seems normal until you hear reports of what lay inside. Authorities discovered tape and chains which were used to restrain the women among other things they refused to disclose.

2207 Seymour Ave. has been blurred out on Google Street View.
Google Maps

Despite none of the women being allowed to see a doctor during their time at the house, Castro had a child with Miss Berry which he named Jocelyn.

Reports suggest that neighbours had mixed opinions of Castro and his house of horrors before his captives escaped. A local postman said that despite visiting his porch each day for 12 years "it looked like a normal house". Here you can see it before Google Maps blurred it out.

The House Before It Was Blurred Out And Knocked Down.
Google Maps

A local resident said the property was usually quiet although: "sometimes you would hear music, but I would never see the man come out of there or hear any noises. It's just like he was there but not there."

Another resident told the BBC that her granddaughter had seen a naked lady crawling in the backyard of his house and said: "What else got me was a little girl up in the attic window. Where did she come from? Who's her mother?"

We can now only assume that the girl was Jocelyn.

Fortunately, the women were rescued when Castro forgot to lock the door as he took a trip to McDonald's. Amanda was so scared of Castro that she didn't try to break open the door in case he was there, so began to scream until a neighbour came to their rescue.

Despite the horrific ordeal, survivor Michelle Knight, has been able to move on and is now happily married.

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Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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