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People With Trypophobia Aren't Fans Of Apple's New iPhone 11 Models

People With Trypophobia Aren't Fans Of Apple's New iPhone 11 Models

The three cameras on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max devises are proving to trigger some people's trypophobia

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

After the new iPhone 11 models were unveiled yesterday (10 September), there's one thing everyone's talking about. Well, three things, technically.

While the iPhone 11 has just the two cameras (loser!!), the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models have THREE - which seems excessive, I know.

With a wide camera, an ultra-wide camera and a telephoto camera all tucked up alongside each other on the back of the new devices, many people think there's a bit too much going on.

So much so for some people, if fact, that they're claiming it's triggered their trypophobia, a fear of irregular patterns or clusters of holes.

The iPhone 11 Pro.

One person tweeted: "Apple did not think of us that have TRYPOPHOBIA when making the iPhone 11 pro. I cant buy it and be itchy all over every damn time I look at it."

Another lamented: "My trypophobia will never allow me to own this iPhone. Skip!"

Someone else said: "Hi Apple, my trypophobia is TRIGGERED by your low key ugly iPhone 11s."

Others, meanwhile, just reckon the phones are 'f***ing ugly'.

Following the big announcement, one hater tweeted: "Apple just threw anything together for the iPhone 11 smh."

Someone else commented: "Holy s*** the new iPhone is ugly."

A third said: "I'm sticking to my iPhone XS Max, that new iPhone so f***ing ugly."

Mind you, someone else has made the fair point that the three cameras on the new iPhone are NOTHING compared to this guy:

The cameras on Apple's new models also boast night mode so that you can see in the dark without using that pesky flash, along with a slo-mo setting for the front-facing camera, so that you can take slo-mo selfies (or 'slofies', as Apple is dubbing them).

Along with the improved cameras, the releases also promise a longer battery life, faster face recognition and Apple's new A13 chip, which the company says is the 'fastest GPU ever in a smartphone'.

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