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Dad shocked as son uses Alexa to order a hot tub and nearly £1,000 worth of toys

Dad shocked as son uses Alexa to order a hot tub and nearly £1,000 worth of toys

The dad used his experience to warn other parents

An American dad learned a valuable lesson when his five-year-old son used Alexa to go on a very expensive shopping spree for toys and a hot tub.

Any parent will know that kids will often beg for all sorts of toys, snacks and anything else that catches their eye, but since the parents are the ones with the money, usually it's easy enough to say no to the requests.

Unfortunately, however, TikToker and dad Tucker Bohman learned the hard way that technology has made it a whole lot easier for kids these days to get their hands on whatever their hearts desire.

In a video shared online, the dad revealed that his five-year-old son had taken it upon himself to request all sorts of new purchases - only instead of asking his parents, he went straight to Alexa.

The device was hooked up to his parents' Amazon account, meaning he could add whatever he wanted to the basket before the order was sent on its way.

Bohman revealed that his son had managed to buy almost $1,000 (£800) worth of toys, plus a $500 (£400) hot tub. Because sometimes you just need to sit back and relax after a long hard day of being a five-year-old.

The young boy dreamed big with his purchases.

Bohman's Amazon account revealed that all of his son's purchases were set to arrive in the coming days, while recordings from Alexa revealed the two-hour long shopping spree in action.

"Alexa, get me a monster truck that jumps twenty three inches off the ground," the young boy said in one clip.

Another saw him request that the device add '45 spidey walkie talkies' to the cart, and in a third he asked for a 'little hot tub' to be delivered.

The youngster really let his imagination run wild when it came to shopping, as he seemed to be on a mission to set up his own water park with a 'lazy river' and '112 water slides', as well as venturing to outer space with a 'rocketship' that went 'five trillion miles an hour'.

Thankfully Bohman was able to spot and cancel his son's orders before he ended up forking out hundreds of dollars for various slides, rocket ships and hot tubs, but he urged other parents to use his experience as a warning.

"Parents: make sure to disable voice purchases on your Alexa App so this doesn't happen to you," he said.

Though Bohman's ordeal didn't end in total disaster, he did admit that he regretted cancelling the hot tub.

To be fair, it probably would have been a good way to take away the stress of almost losing £800 to a five-year old.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/toystorydad/Pexels

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