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Airbnb guest shares list of demands host made two hours before checking out after charging £1,000 for two nights

Airbnb guest shares list of demands host made two hours before checking out after charging £1,000 for two nights

She's divided social media after being asked to do 'manual labour'

When it comes to looking for accommodation on our holidays, we’ve all got our own criteria.

From a place with a pool to a spot with a kitchen, there is all sorts to choose from nowadays. But no matter what, it’s unlikely we’d go out seeking a place where we’d be expected to do ‘chores’.

If I’m on holiday I want to relax, do the bare minimum – not have do a load of jobs that eat in to my chill time. But this Airbnb guest has shared a list of demands she claims her host made just two hours before she had to check-out of the place she’d been charged £1,000 for two nights at.

User ‘@luinalaksa’ took to X back in 2022 to say it was the ‘last Airbnb’ she would ‘ever use’ after she claimed to have forked out for the charge that included a cleaning fee.

She didn't fancy doing 'manual labour' on her holiday. (X/@luinalaska)
She didn't fancy doing 'manual labour' on her holiday. (X/@luinalaska)

But a screenshot from 8:59am showed a message, apparently from the host, that said: “Please follow the departure instructions, mostly importantly removing all garbage and recycling, loading and starting the dishwasher, starting laundry, checking for your belongings and removing all food items.”

And that was all to be done before checking-out by 11am.

Lu later added the claim that she was expected to leave a tip for the cleaning staff as she added she ‘just did dishes and laundry’.




As users prompted her to check the booking information she said it added that ‘other important info will be sent via email’.

“Zero emails were ever sent regarding any of it,” she said. “There isn’t a damn thing here in this listing about me doing the dishes. SHENANIGANS.”

While some said it was a ‘common courtesy’ to do the chores, Lu pointed out she didn’t ‘want to do manual labour’ while on holiday with her husband and kids.

Reckon it's reasonable? (X/@luinalaska)
Reckon it's reasonable? (X/@luinalaska)

Users pointed out the delay in the host sending that info as she could have already left by then as Lu responded: “Right?!!! Be gone in two hours. Also do the following chores.”

As she has recently reshared the post to X, others said she could’ve just ‘got a nice hotel room’ as the woman wrote she is now ‘team hotel for life’. Although one said: “What kind of person wouldn’t automatically do this before leaving an air bnb? I don’t need to be told to be respectful.”

But another wrote: “I can understand putting the dishes away in the dishwasher, not too different to putting rubbish in the bin, not leaving stuff behind etc.. But emptying bins and doing laundry is definitely something for the cleaners to do and covered by a cleaning fee.”

Seems like the Airbnb ‘chores’ are quite the divisive topic.

LADbible has contacted Airbnb for comment.

Featured Image Credit: X / Getty Stock Photo

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