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Australian Who Woke From Surgery With Irish Accent Still Hasn't Lost It One Year On

Shola Lee

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Australian Who Woke From Surgery With Irish Accent Still Hasn't Lost It One Year On

When you come around from surgery you expect a few things: confusion, a fair bit of pain, and some scarring.

One thing that no one expects is an Irish accent. Unless you are, yourself, Irish.

However, TikToker Angie Yen is Australian but came around from surgery with a strange change to her voice - and she still hasn't lost it one year on. Listen below:



Yen went in for what seemed like a routine tonsillectomy in April 2021.

While most patients are told to expect a sore throat upon waking up, Yen was met with something else entirely.

As she explained in her viral TikTok video: "I woke up this morning, I didn't do anything different, I had breakfast, I didn't really talk to my housemates because Lexi had gone to work already and Sasha, I don't know, I don't think she was up before I left.

Foreign Accent Syndrome is incredibly rare. Credit: @angie.mcyen/TikTok
Foreign Accent Syndrome is incredibly rare. Credit: @angie.mcyen/TikTok

"I took a show and I usually sing when I'm showering and listening to songs and all of a sudden I was talking in an Irish accent."

We'd ask if she started singing 'Oh Danny Boy', but that might be a bit much.

In all seriousness, the condition is known as Foreign Accent Syndrome and it's pretty rare, with Yen adding: "I thought initially that this was just something that I was hearing, and that this can't be real and now I can't shake it."

If that wasn't bad enough, the content creator said: "I just did a job interview in an Irish accent when I've never even been to Ireland."


She then urged TikTok viewers: "Can your friends tell me if my accent is from a cool part of Ireland or not.

"It's totally not normal and I'm on my way to the hospital."

A year on from waking up with an accent from a country she's never even visited, Yen still hasn't shook off her Irish twang.

It's been a year since Mcyen developed the accent. Credit: @angie.mcyen/TikTok
It's been a year since Mcyen developed the accent. Credit: @angie.mcyen/TikTok

Speaking to 7News earlier this month, she said her accent 'hasn’t completely reverted back' to her native Australian.

She told the outlet: "I still have a light American and Northern Irish lilt. It gets thicker when I’m stressed, tired or run down."

Commenting on a TikTok video from last month in which Yen marked the one year anniversary of waking up with an Irish accent, one user commented: "The Aussie is definitely coming through a lot more now! Hang in there!"

Another said: "Such a massive difference. Take care x"

Featured Image Credit: @angie.mcyen/TikTok

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Shola Lee
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