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Barber explains why he left man who woke up to 38 missed calls asleep in chair for three hours

Barber explains why he left man who woke up to 38 missed calls asleep in chair for three hours

The bloke clearly needed some shut eye

The hair stylist who let his client stay asleep in his barber chair for three hours and 38 missed calls later has explained what went down.

As a lad, getting a fresh trim is one of the best feelings you can get.

It basically gives you the kind of confidence that would make you leave Kylie Jenner on read. That's until your fade grows back in a couple days.

The lad was knocked out for three hours.

While I might feel really comfortable with my barber, however, falling asleep in his chair is probably a step too far.

I mean you've got to feel for Billy who was getting his hair cut in the Westfield Kotara shopping mall last week in Newcastle, Australia.

Footage of him catching some Z's in the barbershop chair has gone viral on TikTok and Billy was knocked out for three hours.

Barber Jordan Magasiva, 27, has since opened up on why he let 'hard worker' Billy have a nice, long kip in his chair.

"To see the look in his eyes, just really tired, so we all decided we would just let him sleep," he told the Daily Mail.

"It was definitely a team effort to make him as comfortable as possible. We even put the cover on his eyes.

"He’s a good client of ours and usually goes to the barber chair. He’s always in high spirits."

The barber has opened up on why he let Billy have a nice, long kip in his chair.

'What time is it?' was apparently Billy's first words after waking up.

"He was in disbelief," the barber added.

"He said 'where is everyone?'

"There was only one other customer in the store but when he came in there were many more. He was definitely surprised."

Surprisingly, it's not the first time a client has fell asleep in his barber chair.

"I usually try to wake them up a little bit," Jordan explained.

"If I know they are in high-vis and they are just tired, you’d rather them not drive home in that state. I try to check with them.

"I guess Billy just really felt comfortable and I am glad he slept for three hours.

"At our shop we really push for that family-oriented type of store."

Unfortunately for Billy though, he woke up and discovered a whopping 38 missed calls.

On top of that, he had also drastically overstayed the time on his parking ticket - so ended up being slapped with a fine.

Get an early night before your next trim, Billy.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jordan.topboy.blends

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