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Starbucks barista gets extremely lucky after ‘shooting her shot’ with random customer

Starbucks barista gets extremely lucky after ‘shooting her shot’ with random customer

It's a love story for the modern era

Things turned out pretty well for a barista who decided to put her number on a customer's coffee cup and see where things would lead.

Samantha Hildebrandt of New Jersey, US was working part-time in Starbucks while in college when she spotted 'cute' customer Robbie and started chatting to him.

Over a few of Robbie's trips to the coffee shop, she got to have a few brief chats while serving him coffee until one day she tried 'shooting her shot', which is what kids these days call asking someone out.

Well, sort of.

Samantha Hildebrand wrote her number on Robbie's coffee cup and later that day got a text.

She wrote her phone number on his coffee cup although at first, she was worried that he wouldn't be able to read it and she'd have plucked up the courage for nothing.

This could have gone badly wrong in several ways as if Robbie wasn't interested he might decide to go to another coffee shop from then on - but the barista was left thanking her lucky stars when she got a text from him later on.

Pretty soon they were off to a fancy Italian restaurant for their first date and the rest basically played out like a schmaltzy romcom.

She thought he made her feel 'immediately loved and cared for' and her shooting her shot had basically worked exactly how she'd hoped.

Samantha is urging others to work up the courage to take a chance, as she felt comfortable to go ahead after Robbie had asked her about her Thanksgiving.

The texts that started it all.

She reckoned that conversation he initiated gave her the encouragement to ask him out properly.

"You've got to go for it, take chances in life and be confident because you never know," Samantha said.

The couple first met in November 2016, and five years later, they ended up tying the knot.

They even gifted people mason jars full of coffee beans labelled 'the perfect blend' in tribute to their love story.

She said: "We tried to incorporate how we met into our wedding favours that we gave out.

"We had little mason jars that had coffee beans in them and they said 'the perfect blend'. They had our names and the date we met underneath.

"I still have a lot of them now in my closet and when I open it I smell the coffee, it's just a lovely reminder.

The couple ended up tying the knot five years later.
Eric Hance/Kennedy News

"I'm happy I get to share it because I want to give people the confidence to go for it and encourage other women to shoot their shot."

Samantha reckons she and Robbie 'were fated to be together' and said they 'balance each other out perfectly', describing her husband as 'very mellow and the voice of reason'.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, take inspiration and shoot your shot, banish your fears of rejection and stop wondering what might be.

In a non-creepy way of course, the word 'no' is to be respected.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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