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Woman tired of boyfriend who always 'walks 5m ahead' shares montage trying to stop him running off

Woman tired of boyfriend who always 'walks 5m ahead' shares montage trying to stop him running off

This is so relatable.

Having a partner who strides along at double your own walking pace can be annoying (and exhausting).

And one woman who was tired of trailing behind her super speedy boyfriend - who 'walks five metres ahead at all times' - has now shared a video montage of the reality of their daily walks. You can watch the clip below:

Isabella Lowengrip, 31, from Sweden, admitted she was 'sick and tired' of chasing boyfriend, Paul Sundvik, 54, around, explaining his strides were double her own, and that she can 'barely keep up'.

To show Paul the extent of the problem, Isabella decided to record the video montage on a recent holiday in Capri, Italy, demonstrating just how often she's left trudging behind.

And it is so relatable.

She shared the footage on TikTok where it quickly racked up 1.5 million views - but apparently Paul is still 'clueless'.

Isabella says: "I'm always yelling at my boyfriend to stop walking so far ahead of me and to hold my hand.

"I was getting so annoyed when we were on holiday in Capri that I decided to start filming him.

"He still doesn't know 1.5 million people have seen him. He's clueless.

"I think it's pretty relatable for a lot of couples. One person always seems to have a longer stride and walk miles ahead.

"It's frustrating if you have short legs and get left behind."

Isabella was not happy with Paul walking ahead all the time.

Isabella managed to capture Paul speeding off ahead at various points of their holiday, including boarding the plane, wandering the cute cobbled streets and exploring the pretty towns.

"I think this must be a man thing because 100k women have commented saying their boyfriends do the same," she says.

"Maybe I have caught onto something? I'm hoping when I show him it, he'll start walking with me and maybe even hold my hand."

Plenty of women commented on the post, sharing their own woes.

One person wrote: "My husband has been doing that all the 13 years we've been together!"

While another said: "I know the feeling. I hide myself sometimes just to check if he misses me."

Many women could relate.

And a third said: "Sending this to my husband. This has caused soo many rows. Specially in airports. My heart's pounding it’s triggered me."

"Omg mine does this 24/7 and it drives me crazy," a fourth added.

And another explained: "My bf does this but he always looks back every ten minutes cuz he knows I cant keep up with him lol."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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