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Couple sign 'living together prenup' after man refuses to do cleaning up

Couple sign 'living together prenup' after man refuses to do cleaning up

Their relationship has apparently been 'bliss' since signing the agreement

From doing the dishes to taking out the bins, there are a lot of things couples can fall out about when living together. So in an attempt to help restore the peace, one pair decided to sign a 'living together prenup'.

Dylan Smith, 24, and Emily Flowers, 21, made the big move to living together in June 2021. It's a milestone that usually comes with a lot of excitement and plans, but before long some surprising revelations can start to rear their head.

Unfortunately for Emily and Dylan, not all of their discoveries about one another were positive.

Emily and Dylan moved in in June 2021.

Dylan, from Sudbury, Suffolk, explained that he has a habit of leaving bowls, plates and glasses upstairs on his desk while gaming on his computer – something would end up being a source of contention between him and his new housemate.

He claimed his girlfriend ended up using some 'harsh words', describing Dylan as 'lazy', and as tensions continued to rise the couple came up with the idea of creating a legally binding document to address the tasks around the house.

A 'prenup' refers to a prenuptial agreement – a document which, as you've probably guessed, is usually signed pre-marriage. It usually lays out who will be responsible for each person's property and finances, but Dylan asked a co-worker at the solicitors firm where he works to draw up an agreement that would work for him and his girlfriend.

From that point on, everything from cooking to cleaning, and even what happens if they break up, was covered.

Discussing the unusual agreement, Dylan said: "We've lived together since June this year, it's been bliss to be honest – since sorting out the agreement we haven't had any arguments about anything – as that was all that got between us. I didn't like being nagged to do things and she didn't like me to do nothing."

Dylan said that knowing what he has to do, rather than being 'asked to do it all the time', has made him a lot happier.

The contract was drawn up by a staff member at Dylan's work.

"I just thought this would help put a lot of things to bed and it really has," he explained.

The couple agreed that Emily would take on more of the chores because she had more free time as a student than Dylan has working Monday to Friday, nine to five. For his share, Dylan cooks twice a week, does the mopping and hoovering at the weekend, takes care of the lawn and takes the bins out.

"She does pretty much everything else," Dylan said. "It's hard to explain, but that's who she is – she loves projects, she can't sit still for five minutes. She doesn't even sit through a movie."

After moving home during the pandemic, Dylan had to 'relearn general housework' thanks to his mum doing most of the chores around the house. However, he believes he's 'got better since the agreement' as he and Emily both 'abide by' the document.

It even includes clauses about if the pair break up, such as contribution to the bills if one person moves out, but now that they're on more common ground with the chores, Emily has apparently been making plans for a wedding and a future family.

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