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Doctor divides opinion after saying he doesn't think he's overpaid

Doctor divides opinion after saying he doesn't think he's overpaid

The senior medic says he rarely gets a break on shift because it's so busy

A senior medic has addressed the idea of doctors being overpaid while sharing how much he earned from a shift. Have a look what he had to say on the subject:

Doctor Michael says he works primarily in Australia but comes back to the UK to do the occasional shift.

Taking to TikTok (@dr_michael_says), he opted to show his viewers what he earns per shift and whether they think he's overpaid or not.

After being qualified as a doctor for 14 years, Doctor Michael reveals what a night shift - from 10pm to 8:30am - a couple days before Christmas looked like.

In those 10 and a half hours, he saw 18 patients including some who were 'really sick'.


"I resuscitated a lady with COPD, I saw three broken hips and I had to put a nerve block into the leg to numb it and get them up to the ward for theatre in the morning," the doctor explains.

"I relocated a shoulder, I stitched about three or four lacerations, saw a couple of septic patients that needed fluids and IV antibiotics and then up to the ward.

"And I saw some other things as well that I won't get into."


He claims to work as a senior decision maker, which means that all the junior doctors are 'constantly' coming and asking him about their patients.

"I'm happy to help out but I have to help them as well as looking after my own patients," he added.

"So I've got a lot of responsibility. I rarely get a break on the shifts because it's so busy.

"We just can't possibly stop.

"So yeah, my take home is 30 pounds an hour for a shift like that a night shift.

"So you can tell me if you think I'm overpaid or not.

"I'm just giving you the numbers."

In total, Dr Michael took £323.86 on that shift.


Viewers have been divided in the comments, with one person commenting: "When you consider footballers' wages compared to someone saving lives. I'd say you're not paid enough."

Another added: "Definitely not overpaid. You should be paid double that amount as you do an outstanding job x."

While a third wrote: "Not overpaid in the slightest! NHS staff deserve so much more."

However, others argued: "That’s really good pay tbf."

Someone else said: "300 for one shift is quite kushty so I wouldn't whine too much."

A third added: "Not fair to judge on take home pay. I imagine you’re a higher earner on that money, so you probably get £650 per day before tax? Reasonable money IMO."

"That's a fair salary I think, doesn't seem that you're in specialist role I.e operating on people so I reckon this is fine. Not personally a doctor," another thought.

Featured Image Credit: @dr_michael_says/tiktok

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