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Famous ‘rave gurner’ admits what substances he was on during the iconic video

Famous ‘rave gurner’ admits what substances he was on during the iconic video

Shaun Jackson admitted he had more than a few bevvies on the infamous night in 2014

Dodging camera phones in the club is nigh on impossible these days, meaning you might see your drunken antics plastered across social media the next morning.

Or, even worse, you could become a full blown meme and earn yourself a regrettable nickname - a bit like the 'Gurning Rave Guy'.

Shaun Jackson shot to online fame after appearing in a promo video for a nightclub in Preston back in 2014, where it's fair to say he was seriously enjoying himself.

He became the unlikely star of the video, titled 'Bounce by the Ounce', while tearing up the dance floor with some questionable moves and a ridiculously clenched jaw.

Nearly a decade on from the clip that racked up millions of views, the bloke is still regarded as an icon in the rave scene.

Gurning Rave Guy is that legendary that last year, an action figure immortalising his club bender was released.

Luckily, his light-hearted boss saw the funny side of the viral video and said he didn't care, as Jackson can 'do what he likes on the weekend'.

He didn't even know he had achieved overnight notoriety until he strolled into work on the Monday morning.

Shaun Jackson became an internet star thanks to the nightclub promo video.

Obviously, Jackson had a fair bit to drink on the infamous night, as well as some illicit substances.

He has since revealed exactly what he had taken which brought out his gun fingers in the club.

While appearing on the Flexxed podcast in 2019, Jackson said it wasn't even his idea to go out that evening.

He explained his pals had asked if he wanted to go to the Bounce by the Ounce night in Preston and although he had never heard of it, he thought he'd give it a whirl.

And whirl he did.

The Gurning Rave Guy admitted he had more than a few bevvies.
Flexxed TV/ YouTube

Speaking on the podcast, Jackson said: "So I've gone out from there that night, three quarters of a bottle of Vodka already down by neck and then three or four drags of real good MD (MDMA)."

"The rest is history," he added as the co-hosts of the podcast hilariously laughed.

Jackson was then asked if he knew the cameras were there when he was filmed for the clip that would change his life forever.

He said that he saw the camera there in the club, so he decided to be a bit silly in front of it as 'he loves cameras'.

The Northerner added: "When I go out anyway if there is a camera there or not, I am always doing a bit of mad stuff just to get people laughing."

Others on the show then ask Jackson to do his iconic move, which he does with no hesitation, leaving them in stitches.

He claims that things got even wilder later on in the evening - leaving us gutted that wasn't filmed, too.

Featured Image Credit: @johnlennonsuncle/TikTok/Liamm6093/YouTube

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