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List of places women refuse to go to on a first date sparks big debate

List of places women refuse to go to on a first date sparks big debate

The 28 point list has caused a stir online

An extensive list of places women say they wouldn’t go to on a first date has caused a stir online.

Earlier this month, you may have seen the viral video of the woman who refused to even get out of the car when her date took her to the spot he’d booked.

In the clip, the woman can be seen all dressed up and sitting inside the car, but when her date parks up, she calmly explains: "He got me at the Cheesecake Factory y'all. I ain't getting out of this car."

After the clip went viral, the woman was heavily criticised for her behaviour - but now it turns out that there are plenty of other women who agree that the Cheesecake Factory is not an appropriate first date venue.

And in a list shared on the @nugget Instagram account, it seems that there’s a heap of places that are similarly unacceptable to some women - 28 places, in fact.

A note at the top of the list read: “Here is a list of places women absolutely refuse to go on a first date to, and thank you to the ladies who reached out to me to help me on my list.”

The woman refused to even get out of the car when her date took to her Cheesecake Factory.

The list kicks off by backing up our unnamed woman who refused to get out of the car, with Cheesecake Factory in first position.

The top five is composed entirely of US restaurant chains, with Applebee’s in second place, followed by Chili’s, Chipotle and The Olive Garden.

At number six, we have the ever popular date destination of ‘the movies’, followed by the less popular date destination of ‘your house’.

Really hammering home the top five - number eight is ‘any fast food chain’, followed by Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, Red Lobster, ‘a buffet’, International House of Pancakes and Denny’s. Starbucks and Waffle House also make the list. Phew. People really do not like those chain restaurants, eh?

Some of the suggested dates on this list are so weird to me I can’t believe they even need to be said, with the gym, church and a ‘family function’ all getting a mention.

A list of places women don’t want to go on a first date has gone viral.

Further down the list, ‘coffee dates’ and ‘ice cream dates’ are given the no-no, as well anywhere that ‘requires a long drive’ and ‘bowling’.

Next up, nightclubs and a hookah bar are ruled out, before the list goes off-piste with ‘a bar just for drinks’, which is actually the ideal first date, in my opinion; rounding out the list we have a ‘sports event’.

As you can imagine, the lengthy list has attracted plenty of attention online with one woman saying: “Most of these places are completely acceptable. Who tf made this list?”

Someone else said: “First date needs to be low stakes. I’m not spending $300 on dinner just to find out we ain’t vibing.”

A third joked: “Take her to her neurologist so she can show you where she gets the nerve.”

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