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Greggs Customer Can't Believe How Much Food They Get In Magic Bag

Greggs Customer Can't Believe How Much Food They Get In Magic Bag

They got an impressive haul of goodies including sandwiches, pasta bowls and yum yums

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A shopper has been left seriously impressed by a huge bag of goodies they picked up from Greggs for just £2.59 thanks to an app. Check it out:

Posting on TikTok, @southeastfoodies showed off the impressive selection of food they received in the bargain bag they got through the Too Good To Go app.

In the clip, they explained: "I spent £2.59 on a magic bag at Greggs.

"Inside was eight sausage rolls, four yum yums, two pasta bowls, one egg mayo sandwich, one cheese sandwich, one tuna baguette, four doughnuts."

Fellow TikTok users were equally as impressed with the haul, with one person saying: "That's a bargain."

Another said: "Deffo need to try this magic bag thing."


While someone else wrote: "I'm always so happy with my Greggs' bag, but this is a whole different level."

The Too Good To Go app allows customers to nab themselves leftover food from supermarkets and eateries for much less than they'd normally pay.

After downloading the app and creating an account, shoppers simply choose where they'd like to get their 'magic bag' from and are given a time slot to collect it.

As well as saving yourself a few quid, the app reduces food waste meaning you can feel good about yourself while stuffing your gob with yum yums - a win/win situation.

You can't choose what's in the bag, but it's guaranteed to be worth more than what you'll pay - so you can't really lose.

Earlier this year, a fellow Greggs fan shared the £50 bag of food they managed to get their hands on via the same app.

Taking to Reddit, the baked goods lover shared a photo of the whopping supply of treats, which included sandwiches, sausage rolls and doughnuts.


Redditor rbrownster1072 said: "£2.50 for all this, I must be in heaven!"

In the comments section, he added: "This is my first time using the app and I was not expecting this! I picked it up in the middle of a storm so the homeless people in my area were not around, so I was unable to give any out.

"I did however share this haul with my two housemates (all of us recent graduates trying to get by in London), I then took a lot of it into work today and shared about the office.

"If I ever strike this lucky again, I plan to take most of it to the nearest hostel/shelter."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@southeastfoodies

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