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Man with 'world's biggest penis' explains daily struggles he faces due to his manhood

Man with 'world's biggest penis' explains daily struggles he faces due to his manhood

He's even been stopped by airport security due to his bulge

The man claiming to have the largest penis in Britain, Matt Barr, has been hitting the headlines, but have you heard of the man with the 'world's biggest penis'?

American Jonah Falcon, 53, claims to have the biggest penis on the planet, with his ding-a-ling being 1.5 inches longer than Matt's.

Jonah, who claims his penis is 13.5 inches when erect, has been open about his unusually large package over the years, appearing on TV shows and taking part in interviews - it's even helped him launch a career as a TV presenter.

While life with the biggest penis in the world may seem all fun and games, the 53 year old has actually revealed there's several disadvantages to his unique situation.

Jonah has admitted to be conscious of wearing tight clothes as he doesn't want to cause others to feel uncomfortable due to his 'prominent bulge', and his large penis has even caused problems in the bedroom on occasion.

"Since my testicles are extremely large, I'm cognizant of prominent bulges," he told "I tend to wear baggy or pleated pants to go incognito."

Jonah Falcon claims to have the 'world's biggest penis'. (Instagram/@jonahfalcon1970)
Jonah Falcon claims to have the 'world's biggest penis'. (Instagram/@jonahfalcon1970)

He continued: "For some reason, it's gotten thicker to the point that I can't receive oral sex, and intercourse requires a very slow entry.

"It's [also] harder to get absolutely fully erect – though that's a function of age, I think."

Jonah, who is bisexual, has also claimed that it can be difficult to find a genuine partner, as there's been 'too many times' when men and woman have only been interested in him for his huge penis.

He also claims he's even experienced lightheaded spells while erect, yet he doesn't believe this is due to size.

Jonah's above average bulge undoubtedly draws attention, but in some situations it can prove to be awkward - especially when going through airport security.

Jonah has revealed how his penis impacts his life. (Instagram/@jonahfalcon1970)
Jonah has revealed how his penis impacts his life. (Instagram/@jonahfalcon1970)

He previously revealed he was stopped by LAX airport security after they noticed a 'giant, unexplained' bulge in his trousers and were left concerned.

"I was recently stopped by the LAX airport security for a giant unexplained bulge in my pants caught by a scanner," he revealed.

"They frisked me and confirmed I was 'all natural.' This is a normal occurrence with electric scanning devices though."

There are some positives, however, as Jonah has admitted that he enjoys not having to worry about being at the opposite end of the spectrum and having a todger that is too small, which is a fear a lot of men have.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jonahfalcon1970

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