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Viral 'frostbit guy' reveals he recently went out with a 75-year-old woman

Viral 'frostbit guy' reveals he recently went out with a 75-year-old woman

Ruairí McSorley, better known as 'frostbit boy', revealed he was a 'seniorsexual' and nearly wed a pensioner.

Even though the viral 'frostbit guy' is now a 24-year-old bloke, the internet won't let his hilarious nickname go.

The star of the iconic meme, Ruairí McSorley, was just a schoolboy when he earned his 15 minutes of fame - but the hilarious video helped him become a hit with ladies of all ages.

Take a look here:

Ruairí shared that he had found himself a cougar last year, but did not confirm or deny whether she had seen the iconic video of him heading to school in the snow in 2015 which swept the internet.

His strong Irish accent and his swiftness of speech made it pretty difficult to understand what he was saying when he was interviewed about his icy trek to make it to class.

The teenager was asked about his treacherous journey in the blizzard and replied: "You wouldn't be long getting frostbit."

Frostbit boy, aka Ruairí McSorley, first found online fame back in 2015.

He went under the radar for a few years, before resurfacing in 2021 after being rescued at sea when his 'spur of the moment' early morning swim went drastically wrong.

He had been staying at a caravan park near Inch beach in County Kerry when he decided to swim out to nearby Fenit Island - but ended up spending 12 hours in the water and became 'dangerously hypothermic'.

The RNLI had to go out and rescue him after someone found his clothes by the waterside and raised the alarm.

Although he was 'absolutely fine' after his swimming ordeal, Ruairí recalled how he thought he was a goner when he saw fins surrounding him and feared there were sharks trawling the Irish coast.

Thankfully, the fins actually belonged to dolphins and his rescuers reckon the animals were perhaps trying to help get the bloke to safety - maybe they'd seen the 'frostbit boy' video and were huge fans.

These days, Ruairí has got his sights set on moving to the US to become an 'Irish auctioneer in Texas' - and let's have it right, he's already got the patter down to a tee and would be able to rattle through a series of numbers at lightning speed.

Fighting off frostbite, dodging dolphins and auctioneer dreams aside, the bloke does squeeze in time for his love life too.

During an appearance on Shane Todd's Tea With Me podcast, Ruairí revealed that he had nearly made it down the aisle 'a couple of times' - but something sinister stopped him getting hitched to one of his older lady friends.

Comedian and host Shane decided to dig into the details of his latest romance and wanted the frostbit boy to paint a picture of his ex partner - so asked how old she was.

He discussed his dating life on a podcast with comedian Shane Todd.
Tea With Me Shane Todd

Ruairí replied: "Oh, well, that's it aye. I'm not a homosexual, I'm not a transexual. I was a seniorsexual for a while."

He went on to explain that his former flame was 75 years old and said they had got together at some point last year.

Shane was keen to find out what stopped them saying their 'I do's' at the altar - and it's safe to say no one was ready for Ruairí response.

He said: "Oh, she died then in the finish up. I'd everybody at home told about the wedding and everything."

Stifling laughter, the presenter replied: "That will kill a relationship 99 percent of the the time."

Frostbit boy then hilariously quipped: "Well, normally the heart stopping would be a bit destructive to the relationship, aye.

"Wouldn't help the dynamic."

He's not wrong.

Social media users were left in stitches at Ruairí's response, especially by his attempt to rebrand the term for dating older women to 'seniorsexual'.

One said: "This is even funnier than the frostbit video."

Another wrote: "Seniorsexual needs to be the new category name."

A third joked: "That's one way of ghosting him..."

Featured Image Credit: UTV YouTube / Shane Todd

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