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Little-known hidden switch inside car that could save your life one day

Little-known hidden switch inside car that could save your life one day

If you ever find yourself trapped in your car, this could save your life

Spending a good chunk of your time whipping about in it, if you’re lucky enough to own your own car, you probably know it pretty well.

From the best spot for your water bottle to the perfect place for snacks, it’s like having your own second little home that you know like the back of your hand.

Except it turns out that perhaps we don’t all know our cars as well as we thought.

TikTok user @huyameishuoche uses her videos to reveal ‘hidden’ features in our cars, and one little-known switch could save your life one day.

Now, some of the features she shows in the video are pretty obvious, but there’s one she shows specifically for if you find yourself trapped in your car.

It’s not exactly the most common thing to happen, but at least know if it does, you’ll be able to escape.

There’s a number of reasons why this might happen – for example, if the car ends up submerged in water, the pressure will be too great to open out the car doors.

Most cars have the switch in the boot.

But this TikToker explains it’s ‘very simple’ to escape in this situation following the following steps.

She first instructs to put the back seats down.

Then, like something you might have considered during a game of hide-and-seek back in the day, you climb through to the boot.

There, you should find a ‘small black mechanism’ on the panel of the car boot door.

She calls this a ‘life-saving switch’ as you can open up the boot ‘with just one click’ allowing you to escape the car.

Turns out our cars have all kinds of features and symbols that many of us have never noticed or known what they’re actually for!

Perhaps it’s a little button on your seat belt or maybe a handy symbol on the dashboard.

Despite how many times you do it, there’s often that moment of doubt when you pull into a petrol station and worry you’ve gone on the wrong side to fill the car up.

Sure, you’ve done it over and over again countless times before, but sometimes you just forget.

The switch opens the boot.

But little did you know, the answers always been sat there all this time, right before your eyes.

Users took to X as they made the revelation of the nightmare-preventing symbol.

One wrote: “LADIES & Gents PLEASE. That little arrow in your petrol gauge tells you where your petrol tank 'mouth' is.

“Use it next time to avoid unnecessary scratches on your car or even cracking your windscreen.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@huyameishuoche

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