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‘It’s Corn’ kid could earn fortune as new song hits Spotify

Jenny Medlicott

| Last updated 

‘It’s Corn’ kid could earn fortune as new song hits Spotify

Just when you thought news of TikTok’s latest star, 'It's Corn' kid, couldn’t get any better, it has just been announced that the ‘It’s Corn’ song has been rolled out onto Spotify - meaning 'It's Corn' kid, AKA Tariq, could be on his way to earning the big bucks.

Have a listen below:


The little boy rose to viral fame when his interview with Recess Therapy went viral, showing him discussing in depth as to why why he loves corn, making hearts melt across the world.


The sheer passion Tariq displayed for the ‘corntastic’ snack was adorable, making Tariq a widely adored figure on social media - in particular, TikTok.

So, it’s no surprise then, on an app known for making viral videos into remixes, that Tariq’s video soon had its own catchy anthem.

TikTok user @schmoyoho, who also created the viral ‘Chrissy Wake Up’ remix, reworked Tariq’s iconic interview into an even more iconic song.


Since being uploaded, it’s gained over 50 million views, which is 30 million more than the original interview itself. So I think it’s safe to say the song has been a pretty big success.

Users on the app shared their approval of the remix in the comment section too, with one TikToker saying: “If this isn’t the most viral sound in TikTok history within the month then I am going to be disappointed. Purely wholesome, it’s fantastic…it’s…corn”.

Meanwhile another was moved to tears by the Tariq’s unwavering love for the veg, as they said: “Just cried to a corn song."

And clearly, they weren’t the only one, as the comment acquired 26,000 likes. So… I guess 26,000 people just cried to a song about corn?


And now, the news has dropped that the song has moved onto Spotify as its very own single.

Recess Therapy shared a 47 second clip of the song with the announcement in the caption, reading: “Hey folks! We're so excited to announce that, in partnership with Tariq, his family and @schmoyoho -- we've launched 'It's Corn', the official song of this crazy corntastic moment we all created together!

Tariq's future looks bright! Credit: @recesstherapy/TikTok
Tariq's future looks bright! Credit: @recesstherapy/TikTok

"All proceeds are being split with Tariq and his family. So, please support and give it a listen! It’s streaming everywhere.”


Can you 'imagine a more beautiful thing'?

One user said in response to the news: “BRB, going to stream this a million times a day to help pay for Tariq’s college fund."

Meanwhile, another passionately announced: “TARIQ DESERVES THE WORLD”.

And in fairness, we couldn’t agree more. This sweet kid deserves nothing but love, and hopefully with the proceeds from the song, he can buy all the corn his heart desires.

Featured Image Credit: Recess Therapy/YouTube

Topics: Spotify, TikTok, Music

Jenny Medlicott
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