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Longest Uber journey in UK cost over £500 and customer even left a tip

Longest Uber journey in UK cost over £500 and customer even left a tip

The trip was much longer than Uber's average ride

Everyone's been guilty of spending a bit too much money on an Uber at one point or another, but if you want to feel a bit better about yourself, just know that the UK's longest ride racked up a bill in the hundreds.

Distance, time, rain, tiredness, "a treat" - they're all excuses we use for opening up the Uber app and avoiding having to walk.

Obviously, there are a lot of times when hopping in a car is the most reasonable option, but every now and again we turn to it just for convenience, knowing that the next train is at an awkward time or you don't want to run for the bus just after getting ready for a night out.

The reason behind the UK's longest Uber ride appears to fall into the 'convenience' category, because it began at London's Heathrow airport.

The last thing you want to do after the hassle of flying, going through customs and collecting your suitcase is then drag it all the way to the tube, so it's understandable that this customer wanted to hop in an Uber.

However, when you take their destination into account, things become a little less justifiable.

And when I say 'a little less', I mean quite a lot less.

Uber launched in the UK in 2012.
PSL Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Let me just start with this: have you ever travelled across the country?

Though public transport isn't always the most reliable, there are typically a few options to get you from point A to point B for - slightly - less money, at a quicker pace, or through more environmentally-friendly means.

Obviously some people choose to drive, but I imagine very, very few choose to be driven.

Still, that's exactly what this Uber customer decided to do when they opened up their app, set Heathrow Terminal 5 as the pickup location, and set Loch Lomond in Scotland as their drop off point.

The record-breaking journey spanned 438km (272 miles), and lasted six hours. That's where you hope your driver lets you choose the music.

The UK's longest Uber drive lasted six hours.

Given that Uber gives you a price estimation before you set off, the customer obviously wasn't fazed by the £540.45 bill that came along with the ride, and even left the driver a £45 tip.

I guess it's the least they could do, tbh.

In a comment about the trip, Uber told Metro said it: "While Uber has completed millions of airport pick-ups over the last decade, we rarely see a trip come close to this distance in the UK."

For comparison, the average Uber trip is 4.51 miles, with train stations proving to be the most popular locations in the UK.

Maybe this particular customer should keep those facts in mind the next time they're planning to travel almost 300 miles.

Featured Image Credit: Russell Hart/IanDagnall Computing/Alamy

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