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Man drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days has spent unbelievable amount of money on his mission

Man drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days has spent unbelievable amount of money on his mission

I hope it was worth it

One man is on the cusp of achieving something some could only dream of.

I say 'some' because the idea of drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days is really not advisable, and probably sounds like most people's idea of hell.

But it's safe to say Jon May, from Sheffield, finds himself firmly in the minority, as he set himself the ambitious task of doing just that.

The 25-year-old is just a matter of days away from reaching his lofty goal, with the final of his 200 days coming Saturday (21 October).

Currently, he has just 11 more pints to sink to edge over the finish line.

Once he's completed the marathon, though, as well as consuming well over 300,000 calories, old Jon has also forked out an absolute fortune.

Speaking about his special project, he told his doubters that he was confident in completing it, especially after having spent so much money.

Jon has a lot of work to do on the last day to meet his target of 2,000 pints.

"No need to worry, we've got it all under control," Jon said. "We have spent £7,936 and drank a grand total of 361,088 calories.

"That is an average of 1.832.93 calories every single day. So yeah! We are smashing it as per usual."

The fact he is still alive is, quite frankly, nothing short of amazing.

In a video shared on TikTok last night, Jon admitted he had 'messed up on the maths slightly' and his success will all ride on the last day.

Over the course of the challenge, he's managed an average of 10.07 a day, however, a slight miscalculation has seen this 'suddenly plummet like a submarine'.

Jon explained: "We've got three days left, 16 pints left so we need to drink an average of 5.3.

"Thats no worries, we're going to have five today and then we're going to have like two on Thursday."

He's spent a fortune on the challenge.

Followers of Jon's story piled into the comments to share their amazement at his 'dedication', while others were, understandably, were more concerned about how his liver was coping.

One said: "I'm very excited, cannot wait for the big day!"

Another wrote: "As someone taking a sober October, thank you for letting me live vicariously through you lad."

A third added: "Can we get a liver check after the challenge?"

While someone else added: "How's bro going to react when he finishes the challenge and realises he has now become an alcoholic?"

For context, the NHS recommends that folks drink no more than 14 units per week, which is equivalent to around six pints of four percent lager. It also recommends that those 14 units are spread out evenly over three or more days.

I mean, I'd say that Jon's current run rate is slightly above those numbers.

God help him.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@j0nmay

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