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McDonald’s fan explains how he gets chicken for 9p

McDonald’s fan explains how he gets chicken for 9p

He was chuffed with the 'hack', but some people don't think it's really worth it

If you love a bargain - and don't mind pressing lots of buttons to get it - check this out.

A man on TikTok has demonstrated how you can get a Chicken Select from McDonald's for just 9p.

The fried chicken breast strips will set you back £3.89 for three, but there is a weird way of getting better value.

TikTok shop reviewer @rightguysreview shared the self-service hack, and his video has amassed almost half a million views.

The way to do it is to select the wrap of the day instead, which costs £1.99.

Then, when customising the wrap, he stripped away everything that makes it a wrap - the bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato, smoky barbecue sauce and the tortilla wrap itself - leaving behind just the two Chicken Selects that come in the wrap.

The sweet taste of 9p chicken.

He then ordered two of these 'wraps', costing a total of £3.98.

And viola, that left him with four Chicken Selects for £3.98, meaning that sneaky bonus one only cost him 9p.

However, while he seemed chuffed with the trick, many people in the comments pointed out that he'd effectively just identified that two wraps only cost 9p more than three Chicken Selects - and he'd just declined all the tasty extras that come with the wraps.

"Paid for 2 wraps but thinks he's clever for only having the chicken," one person said.

"Wouldn’t you get two wraps for the same price? With bacon, mayo, lettuce tomato, bbq sauce and a wrap?!" another added.

While a third wrote: "Think a cleverer person would have just had all the stuff included with the wrap too."

But not letting people p**s on his picnic that easily, he replied: "Missing the point some people only want. Chicken selects!!"

If you're one of those people, you can watch him guide your through the 9p bonus chicken method here:

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rightguysreview

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