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People are discovering why Morrisons stores have 'weird roof conservatories'

People are discovering why Morrisons stores have 'weird roof conservatories'

Morrisons shoppers have a burning question about the design of the stores

Have you ever visited a Morrisons store and noticed the 'conservatory towers' on the roof?

Well, countless Reddit users have been debating over why some of the supermarket chain's shops have these 'weird' designs.

One Reddit user, who posts using the name greenora, shared a picture of a Morrisons store in an unknown location.

On first glance you may think there's nothing remarkable about this location, until you look up at the roof.

Just like other stores across the country, this Morrisons has what appears to be a conservatory up top.

Reddit users are discussing the design of Morrisons shops.

Naturally, people are wondering if it really is a conservatory and whether you can go inside - because who wouldn't want to wander into an unexplored part of a supermarket?

"Can anybody who works at Morrisons shed any light on the weird roof conservatories? can you go in them? what are they used for?," the Reddit user asked.

More than 700 responses were left in the thread as people discussed what on earth the glass section with a roof at the top of the store is.

And not all the replies were completely serious, or at least we hope not. "It's because the trollies are naturally drawn towards light," one Reddit user replied. "When the day ends and the store is ready to close, they illuminate the beacon and it draws all the dispersed trollies in towards the hive."

Meanwhile, someone who is clearly anticipating an apocalypse said: "It's a guard tower - gives a good line of sight so marksmen can easily pick off any raiding parties from Tesco/Sainsbury's/Asda".

A Morrisons in South Yorkshire.
Atlaspix / Alamy Stock Photo

While a third shared: "It's a lighthouse. When it floods, they light it up so that ships don't beach on the Morrisons roof."

A fourth quipped: "It's a sniper tower for shoplifters and staff trying to bunk off their shift."

A more serious answer came from one Reddit user who linked the design to other European markets. "I guess it's to draw attention to them, the same as the clock. Look at any old European marketplace, or market building. They're almost always centered around a clock tower, or if it's a market contained in a building, the roof has a steeple of sorts, with a clock. I imagine it's a throwback to that, these being super markets after all.

"Also, you don't see it in modern supermarket buildings, so, depending on where it is, this Morrisons most likely used to be a Safeway, built in the 1980s or 1990s. My local one has this and it used to be a Safeway."

A Morrisons store in Norfolk.
UrbanImages / Alamy Stock Photo

Another supermarket shopper said: "It seems to be their architectural thing, like they all seem to have a large clock as well outside somewhere. It’s probably a light well as supermarkets in the main are largely unfenestrated on the ground floor."

While someone else shared: "Not Morrisons, but I worked as a construction project manager for Tesco for a few years. The clock towers and such like features are purely aesthetic. Usually only accessible from the roof, and also usually PACKED with pigeons and their sh*t. 0/10 would absolutely not recommend going in one."

A spokesperson for Morrisons explained to LADbible: "They are architectural features that are no longer included as part of Morrisons design language but mostly act as clock towers and light wells."

The more you know!

Featured Image Credit: Michael Foley / Alamy Stock Photo/Michael Foley / Alamy Stock Photo

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