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People Left In Shock After Asking Alexa What 'Coffee Bean 100 Is In Welsh'

People Left In Shock After Asking Alexa What 'Coffee Bean 100 Is In Welsh'

Warming: don't do this when your kids are about

A woman has pointed out a rather hilarious Alexa gaffe and it’s left the online community in stitches. Check it out:

In fact, this trick would work on any virtual assistants, as it comes down to the Welsh translation of ‘coffee bean 100’. 

As demonstrated in a clip shared by TikTok user DJ Markyrush, if you ask your Amazon device to ‘say coffee bean 100 in Welsh’, it replies with a translation that sounds very much like ‘F**k off ye c**t’. 

No, this is not Alexa getting aggy, but rather the unfortunate composition of words - coffee bean in Welsh is ‘ffa coffi’ while one hundred is ‘un cant’. 

Safe to say social media has been awash with clips of people trying the trick, as well as hundreds of comments from the online community urging others to try it. 

“Ask Alexa to say ‘coffee bean 100’ in Welsh. WARNING - make sure kids are out of earshot,” wrote one. 

Another said, “I literally laughed out loud with this,” while a third commented, “Please do this. You won't be disappointed.”

A fourth joked: “If you get any negative comments just tell them to coffee bean 100, in Welsh.”

For those who don’t have an Alexa, try Siri, and if you don’t have access, you can always use Google Translate. 

One of the earlier clips demonstrating the prank was shared on TikTok, where it’s received 1.6 million views, with hundreds of comments from people offering up a few ideas of their own. 

“Try Boris Johnson carrot 100,” said one, with another writing: “Say 100 100 100 in Welsh.”

A third remarked: “OMG, been fluent for year and never pieced this together.”

Well, now you know - what did we do before the internet, eh?

Then again, sometimes these smart devices work against us - and we’re not talking about an impending AI uprising. 

Last year, mum Kirsty Florian revealed that her daughter joined forces with their Amazon Alexa to find out what her birthday presents were. 

When eight-year-old Bella was getting ready for bed, she asked her mum why she’d bought her a night sky light projector, a Rubix cube and some earrings – in other words, everything Kirsty had in store for her birthday. 

Kirsty Florian and her daughter Bella.
Kennedy News and Media

After having to pay out more for presents so that Bella had at least one surprise, Kirsty warned other parents to turn their notifications off, saying Alexa had ‘stitched her up’. 

The same can be said for anyone who tries the old ‘coffee bean 100’ around their kids - you have been warned. 

Featured Image Credit: @djmarkyrush/TikTok

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