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Psychic who claims to have predicted Covid-19 forecasts has made his predictions for 2023

Psychic who claims to have predicted Covid-19 forecasts has made his predictions for 2023

He's revealed what's in store for 2023

A psychic who claims to have correctly predicted the coronavirus pandemic has made a bunch of new predictions for 2023, and it looks like we’re in for a bit of a rough time.

South Londoner Nicolas Aujula, 37, claims he foresaw an ‘influenza disaster’ in 2019 - a year before the world was shut down due to Covid-19 - as well as also predicting Donald Trump losing the 2020 US election and the Black Lives Matter protests.

Nicolas Aujula claims to have correctly predicted the COVID pandemic.
PA Real Life

He said: “In 2019, I think my Covid one was the most shocking. I had this vision that I’m going to an airport and somehow, I had to give the person at the airport my health record, which didn’t make any sense.

“But obviously, Covid happened and that was what was happening – we had to show proof of our vaccine.

“I think at the time. I didn’t think anything of my vision because it’s so far-fetched, and it seemed like something out of a movie.”

Aujula, a therapist and astrologer, said he first became aware of his psychic abilities at a young age, which grew stronger as he got older. He says he now has regular visions and reckons he knows what we’ve got in store for 2023.

Sadly, it’s not all fun and games with Aujula predicting mass flooding, malaria outbreaks and power outages on a global scale. Great - just what we need.

He also thinks it could be a bad year for the Royal Family, saying: “I think the Royal Family’s income and popularity will go down. So they may sell their properties, or they may turn something into a hotel, or they will have to diversify."

And it’s not much better news for the rest of us, with Aujula predicting that the cost of living crisis will continue.

“I think the economic decline is going to be very long term and could be something that lasts six or seven years.

“I think the worst will come at the end of the decade, we’ll go into recession, and things will get better, then we’ll have another. I think there’ll be a double recession globally. As a result, we’ll see many job losses and companies closing down.

He's made his predictions for 2023.
PA Real Life

“I feel that the Conservative Party will have another crisis in the summer, between June and August.”

However, in slightly better news, Aujula claims there will be ‘record breaking’ success for a British cyclist.

Moving on to entertainment, he has predicted there will be an ‘all-male celebrity brawl at a film festival or award show’. Maybe Chris Rock is going to return to the Oscars with back up?

But, according to Aujula, there’s apparently heartache in store for Madonna and Beyonce.

He said: “2023 is going to be quite difficult for Madonna, she could have some form of sorrow… I feel like she’s going to be having a tough year ahead of her.

“I feel like Beyonce is going through a bit of a change and a transition in her life and she could question her relationship.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Nocolasaujula

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