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Mum puts tin foil on dinner table to avoid using the dishwasher

Mum puts tin foil on dinner table to avoid using the dishwasher

Rebecca says her kids loved it and she plans on doing it again

A mum has started putting tin foil on her dinner table to avoid using the dishwasher and apparently, the kids loved it.

Sick of having to clean up after her family, Rebecca Cubberly, from Telford, Shropshire, has come up with an interesting way of reducing the workload.

Instead of serving dinner on plates, she lays out a few sheets of tin foil and serves the food directly on top.

The 28-year-old says she recently cooked some mince in the air fryer and had her family eat with their hands, meaning the only thing that needed cleaning was the chopping board and the knife.

Speaking about her methodology, Rebecca said it works perfectly for her husband and their two young children.

"We like picky meals and this way is more fun and the clean up afterwards was great, I had a knife and a chopping board to clean," she said.

The family ate off tinfoil rather than using plates.
Kennedy News and Media

"I normally spend about half an hour cleaning up after a meal like that and it's a long time to spend cooking and cleaning after a long day.

"It was that easy I told my husband to do bath time and I'd tidy up. I thought, 'There is no washing up, so I'll do it tonight and he can have the difficult job of doing bath time'."

And if you think this is just a one time thing, think again. Rebecca says she plans on doing it again.

She added: "We'll 100 percent be doing it again, we'll be trying it with lots of different things like pizza and ploughman's or when we have a picky tea or when I'm just not in the mood to wash up.

"I've got that extra time I'd normally spend washing up that I can spend with the kids and it's a bit of a treat without the effort."

I mean, with the way energy prices are going at the moment, it could be a genius idea to help save a few quid.

After sharing a snap of her unique dinner table set up to social media, Rebecca says she received a few comments from people who saw the pros and cons.

Rebecca said the kids loved it and she'd definitely do it again.
Kennedy News and Media

And despite some pointing out that she's creating waste, the mum said she recycles the tin foil and the preparation is also fairly minimal.

On top of that, her kids seem to love it.

Rebecca added: "They ate every last bit, there was nothing left so I literally just had to pick up the tin foil.

"They really enjoyed it. It was something fun. You can take your kids out for half term to a restaurant and it would cost £50 and this cost me a fiver. We had just as much fun as if we'd gone out.

"It was literally sit at the table and help yourselves to anything. It was a half term treat."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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