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Test to see if you have submechanophobia has people’s ‘souls leaving their bodies’

Test to see if you have submechanophobia has people’s ‘souls leaving their bodies’

Submechanophobia is a phobia you've probably never heard of.

Submechanophobia is certainly not a typo - and it is capable of giving you a deep sinking feeling.

From food and baths to balloons and Scottish accents, there's a whole lot phobias out there, which further proves the point that everyone is probably afraid of something.

However, some phobias are rarer - and harder to pronounce - than others and Submechanophobia falls under that category.

Buoys, submarines and sunken ships are not your friends if you have Submechanophobia, which is defined as 'the common terror of not knowing what lies beneath the water'.

The phobia of underwater, man-made structures is more common than you think and if you take a look below, you will know if you have it:

Like with most phobias, one cause of submechanophobia could be the trauma from past events, in relation to underwater accidents.

But it's possible that you yourself might even have this phobia without realising it, because really in your day to day life, how often do you look at things which are submerged in water?

Is this picture doing anything to you? Is it making you scared? You might have a phobia you've never heard of.

The video above, compiled by TikTokers @br1ghtfacts, has a selection of images which someone with submechanophobia would find scary or unsettling. So, if you look through them and feel creeped out, it's possible you just found out a little more about yourself.

Some people who've taken the test have realised how scary it actually can be to gaze upon the images of man's creations having been claimed by the water.

Pictures of sunken statues, abandoned mineshafts flooded with water, the debris of abandoned ships and a stairway leading down beneath an icy surface and into dark water were all part of the test.

As your eyes gaze down into the dark of this flooded mineshaft, is there some primal fear brewing in your mind?

However, there was one picture in particular that was setting people off whether they had submechanophobia or not, and it was the image of a sunken statue.

One person said the jump scare it gave them had them feeling like their 'soul left my body for a second'.

Lots of other people taking the test who weren't put off by the other images were still scared by the submerged statue.

Others watching the whole thing wondered 'why am I getting scared' and admitted they 'flinched' when looking through the images.

This picture of a submerged statue was freaking out people who didn't have submechanophobia.

For some, it confirmed that they 'don't have that phobia', while there were a few who thought they might actually have discovered a new phobia they didn't realise they had.

Someone else said they were 'scared of what's in the dark' and since many submerged objects stray far from a source of light, it can give a mundane item a significantly more creepy aspect.

Additional words: Joe Harker

Featured Image Credit: R/submechanophobia

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