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Woman sparks debate after being brought to tears after first day working in 9-5 job

Woman sparks debate after being brought to tears after first day working in 9-5 job

To be fair, the transition to the working world is pretty rough

Ah, the sweet 9-5 jobs. Commuting with everyone else in the entire area. Getting home in a decent time for tea. It’s a pretty standard routine for people.

But it’s just too much for this woman to handle.

And it’s unsurprisingly, it’s made her totally viral.

Let’s not lie, the transition from being a fun and free uni student isn’t exactly an easy ride – it can be an absolute shocker.

Being hungover isn’t exactly a valid excuse for showing up late to the office and you can’t just skip a meeting and catch up later, even if it could have been an email.

Plus, all your mates are always working too, and you can’t just sack off the afternoon and go for a pint.

So, Brielle opened up on TikTok about her struggles moving into the world of work in a clip with the overlay text: "qotd in a 9-5 how do u have time for ur life."

She's had a shocker.

Brielle cries as she vents to the camera. "I know I'm probably just being so dramatic and annoying, but this is my first job, like my first 9 to 5 job after college," she says.

"I'm in person, and I'm commuting in the city, and it takes me f**king forever to get there. There's no way I'm gonna be able to afford living in the city right now, so that's off the table."

She explains that to make it to work on time, she has to get the train at 7.30am and doesn't get home until at least 6.15pm.

The young woman claims by then she doesn't 'have time to do anything’.

"I want to shower, eat my dinner, and go to sleep," Brielle shared. "I don’t have time or energy to cook my dinner either. I don’t have energy to work out, like, that’s out the window."

I mean, the rush hour commute is enough to ruin your day.
Caroline Purser/Getty Images

The TikToker clarified that it wasn't the job itself that she had a problem with, but rather having to work in the office and the long commute that sees her not returning home until more than an hour after the end of her shift.

"If it was remote you get off at 5 and you’re home and everything’s fine," she says.

"And I know it could be worse. I know I could be working longer, but like, I literally get off [and] it's pitch black. How do you have friends? How do you have time to meet a guy?

“How do you have time for dating? I don't have time for anything, and I'm so stressed out."

A number of fellow TikTokers took to the video's comments to offer support to Brielle.

"The 40-hour work week is beyond outdated and your feelings are totally valid," one user wrote.

While another said: "I remember having this same realisation… like this is what I couldn’t wait to grow up for? to live like this?"

It's a teary subject.

One person did put: "No one really prepares you for the sh**ty aspects of adulthood and even if we did, the people who need to heed the warnings wouldn’t believe them anyway.

“That is just how it works. You figure out how to balance things along the way.”

Despite the criticism, however, Brielle doubled down on her comments about working life, talking to The Independent about how societal standards need to change.

"I want to be able to talk for this next generation and explain that a 40-hour work week plus commute is not necessary for productivity," she said.

"I appreciate all the positive comments from other sympathetic workers and hope that more companies consider following in other countries' footsteps in regards to the work week, especially after so many people are used to being remote after Covid."

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@brielleybelly123

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