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Workers offer better shift pattern alternative after woman was brought to tears working first day of 9-5

Workers offer better shift pattern alternative after woman was brought to tears working first day of 9-5

The woman went viral after she broke down in tears over her 9 to 5 job

Workers have suggested different shift patterns after a woman went viral when she was brought to tears by her 9-5 job.

For many people, the 9-5 Monday to Friday work week is the standard - so much so that Dolly Parton even wrote a song about it - however, it all proved too much for Brielle.

You can see her viral video here:

In the TikTok clip, a tearful Brielle says: "I know I'm probably just being so dramatic and annoying, but this is my first job, like my first 9 to 5 job after college.

"I'm in person, and I'm commuting in the city, and it takes me f**king forever to get there. There's no way I'm gonna be able to afford living in the city right now, so that's off the table."

She further explains that to make it to work on time, she has to get the train at 7.30am and doesn't get home until at least 6.15pm.

"I want to shower, eat my dinner, and go to sleep. I don’t have time or energy to cook my dinner either. I don’t have energy to work out, like, that’s out the window."

She stressed that it wasn’t actually the job she was unhappy with, but that the hours, as well as a long commute, were the issue.

It's a teary subject.

"If it was remote you get off at 5 and you’re home and everything’s fine," she says.

"And I know it could be worse. I know I could be working longer, but like, I literally get off [and] it's pitch black. How do you have friends? How do you have time to meet a guy?

“How do you have time for dating? I don't have time for anything, and I'm so stressed out."

Opinions were divided after the clip went viral, with plenty of folks agreeing that the 40-hour work week was ‘outdated’ while others admitted that they had also felt underprepared for the ‘sh**ty aspects of adulthood’ when they were her age.

But some were less sympathetic, telling Brielle ‘this is life’ and that she is ‘so privileged’.

Among those who sided with Brielle were a couple of people who suggested some changes to the working week.

Plenty of people agreed with Brielle about the 9-5 work week.
Pexels/Polina Zimmerman

“Let's make it 10am-4pm, 4 days a week,” one X user said.

While someone else said: “9-5 sucks. The earlier shifts are way better. I work 7-3 and it's fantastic to have those two extra hours in the afternoon, and I would do 6-2 if I could.”

A third said: "Find a job really early like 4am to noon. That’s what I do. I leave work at lunch time. Better for my mental health."

Meanwhile, Brielle has doubled down on what she said, telling the Independent: "I want to be able to talk for this next generation and explain that a 40-hour work week plus commute is not necessary for productivity.

"I appreciate all the positive comments from other sympathetic workers and hope that more companies consider following in other countries' footsteps in regards to the work week, especially after so many people are used to being remote after Covid."

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@brielleybelly123 Getty Stock Photo

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