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Woman urges people to delete dating apps after ‘horror story’ first date

Woman urges people to delete dating apps after ‘horror story’ first date

She's said her first date of 2024 will be her last

A woman has shared her ‘horror story’ first date after meeting a bloke on Hinge - and if you’re single, it might just put you off dating for a while.

Annie Goodwin, from Seattle in the US, shared the shocking ordeal she encountered on her ‘first date of 2024’ warning others: “If you needed a reason to delete Hinge…” You can see how it played out here:

In a clip shared to TikTok, Annie - or @anniebadlose as she’s known on the platform - starts off excitedly talking about meeting up with the man she met online, but before the date even kicked off she hit a snag: her car broke down.

She explained: “I get to my car and my car won’t start. So I texted him and he said he could come and pick me up. Usually, I don’t let men pick me up but I’m going to need someone to help jump [start] my car.”

Well, it started off strong didn’t it? Her car may be goosed but her date hasn’t let that put him off and has gallantly offered to come to her rescue.

But things are about to get a lot worse for poor Annie.

Annie shared her horror story first date on TikTok.

The video cuts to Annie sat in a noisy restaurant as she explains: “Guys, he literally left me here.”

The camera then pans to a rather delicious-looking plate of food in front of Annie alongside what looks like an Aperol Spritz - noticeably, the seat beside her is empty. Yikes.

The clip then picks up with Annie back home again as she shares: “As you just saw mans left me.

“He picked me all the way up, drove me all the way to the bar and then he ordered a drink. He drank the whole drink and then he went to the bathroom and never came back.”

Annie said her first date of 2024 will be her last.

"Not much to say - not only did he order a drink, drink the whole drink, leave and not pay for the drink, he also left me stranded.

"He left me knowing damn well that I was stranded, because my car couldn’t start, so he picked me up, right? He knew that I was stranded.

“And I’ve been blocked from everything already, which is fine. Expected.

“But yeah, so that was my very first date of 2024 and that will be the last.”

Not quite done with the experience just yet, Annie added: “Also, can we talk about how he's a therapist? He's a therapist.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/AnnieBadlose

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