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‘Time traveller’ says future ocean discovery will change the world

Emily Brown

| Last updated 

‘Time traveller’ says future ocean discovery will change the world

A self-proclaimed time traveller has revealed that the world will change completely with a discovery from the depths of the ocean.

You heard it here first. If you're struggling to get your head around the concept of 2023, just wait until you hear what's to come from 2044:


The 'time traveller' claims to have come all the way from 2198, but in order to share all of their secrets about the future they've decided to hop on a very current technology trend: TikTok.


Using this platform, the time traveller shares wild stories about events that they claim will happen in our future, though unfortunately they don't typically utilise the 'video' part of TikTok to share any images or videos from said events.

Instead, the poster remains anonymous and relies on a robotic TikTok voice to share their stories, one of which begins in 2044.

In the clip, the time traveller alleges that this is the year humans discover the 'ocean deeper'. Three years later, we find out that 'a creature that was once a children's myth becomes a reality'.

The exact identity of this once-mythical creature isn't revealed, but it seems that by 2054 all hell breaks lose as it becomes clear that the discovery of the being isn't a one-off event.

The creatures come after humans venture deep into the ocean. Credit: Pixabay
The creatures come after humans venture deep into the ocean. Credit: Pixabay

Could it be that we finally find Ariel the mermaid at the bottom of the sea, followed by an entire army of merpeople? Or perhaps Sandy, the drysuit-wearing squirrel from Spongebob who decides to take up residence under the sea?

Whatever the creature may be, unfortunately it doesn't end well for their species as the time traveller explains: "2054, it is found that there are more than one of these and [humans] exterminate them."

The TikTok user shared the claims along with the caption 'at least they exterminate them', and the indication that they made it all the way to 2198 suggests these creatures weren't able to wipe out humanity completely.


However, with humans apparently going deeper into the ocean than ever before, who's to say they're the only creature we should be worrying about?

The video has received mixed responses from viewers, with some urging the time traveller to 'show us pics for proof' while others have begged them to use their future knowledge to share insights to their own personal futures.

With 2023 around the corner, I suppose we better start making the most of life as we know it before 2044 rolls around.

Featured Image Credit: Heather Burns / Alamy Stock Photo / Marius Graf / Alamy Stock Photo

Topics: Conspiracy Theory, TikTok, Viral, Environment

Emily Brown
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