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Woman Discovers Creepy Basement She Didn't Know Existed After Pulling Up Carpet

Woman Discovers Creepy Basement She Didn't Know Existed After Pulling Up Carpet

Fair to say she was pretty freaked out by the contents that lay beneath her floorboards

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Having a mysterious basement that you never knew about, with red splatters across the floor is the stuff of most peoples' worst nightmares but for one woman it's a reality:

The TikTok user @unfortunateexistence had absolutely no idea there was a cellar in her home until she went to replace the carpets in her property which revealed a trap door.

She shared her findings on her TikTok account and posted regular updates of what she was doing. The first of her videos, which has been viewed over 13 million times has the caption: "When you pull the carpet off your floor and FIND A BASEMENT YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT."

The woman says: "We have a basement, like look. We have a f***ing basement." In a later video, she goes on to say: "It doesn't smell decent. It doesn't smell horrible but it definitely doesn't smell decent."


She also explained that her pals had left her because they didn't want to get involved. Speaking to the camera in one of the clips, the woman explained: "Just a few seconds after we took the first video there was like a humming noise and my friends were freaked out and wanted to go home.

"I'm not going to go down there, I'm pretty afraid, it's very unsettling the vibes are not immaculate.

"In the middle of the night every single light in our house turned on, every single light."


The mum finally ventured down into the basement and found an old chair, a bed frame/headboard as well as some rather unsettling red splatters on the floor.

She said: "I don't know what all that is... that's a little concerning. It's like a tube. A needle. What the f***." Urgh. Sell your house.

As she was explaining more of the basement's contents the light turned on to her surprise. Startled, she shouted: "What the f***." WTF indeed.

On one of the clips, the woman explains that there are a number of other rooms that go off the main basement area but they would require her to crawl through which, I think we can all agree, she shouldn't do - well, not alone anyway. Who's going to film?

It's fair to say the unknown woman has definitely freaked out people that have watched her video. One person wrote: "Nah this is how horror films start, I'd leave."

Another added: "Girl close it before you release the demons," while a third said, quite accurately: "This is 2021. This is not the year to open that up." Others compared the scenes to The Conjuring.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/unfortunateexistance

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