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Man discovers what WD-40 actually means after loads of bizarre guesses

Man discovers what WD-40 actually means after loads of bizarre guesses

WD-40 is a staple in any tool box

Are you even British if you don't have a can of WD-40 spray lying around somewhere in your toolbox?

Not gonna lie, I've not seen our toolbox for about 10 years.

Anyway, WD-40 is usually a staple in UK households and is one of the first things you'll spot in a tradesperson's arsenal.

It first got used in the early 1950s to prevent rust from forming on the outside of the US Atlas Missile.

And all these years later, it's said to have more than 2,000 uses, from lubricating - well - almost anything, to preventing rust.

It's even pretty great at getting rid of grease, grime, and more from most surfaces.

Are you even British if you don't have a can of WD-40 spray lying around in your tool box?

After going on sale in the US in 1958, its reach expanded, and now the product is available in 187 countries around the world (as of 2023).

But have you ever wondered what the actual meaning of WD-40 is?

I admittedly haven't, but I've also have no idea where the toolbox is, so what do I know?

Journalist David Muir once posed the question to his thousands of X (Twitter) followers and asked: "What does WD-40 stand for?"

Although there were some who knew the answer right off the bat, many had to turn to Google to figure out the acronym.

Many had already come up with their own answers in their head and, it's safe to say, some of them were way off.

One tweeted: "Whistling doohicky 40," while another remarked: "Something degreaser."

A fellow follower joked: "World Domination 40 is what it should be named!"

Another person was along the right lines with their suggestion: "WD-40 means wrong decision 40 times to make the correct formula."

One baffled Twitter user simply wrote: "I was today years old when I learned this.

"WD-40 got its name because it took the inventors 40 times to get its formula right. 40! Don't give up!"

I never thought I'd be getting pep talks based around something you find on a garage shelf, but I'll take it.

It's considered to be a staple in UK tool boxes.

And if you haven't already Googled the meaning yourself, WD-40 stands for Water Displacement 40th Formula.

This is pretty obvious when you think about it, as it was the scientist's 40th attempt at making the formula.

The list of WD-40's uses seems endless, as it includes untangling jewellery chains, keeping lawnmower wheels running smoothly and removing rust from saws.

It's also handy for getting chewing gum off pretty much any surface - that alone makes it worth buying.

As one woman wrote on X: "I'm convinced men feel they can fix anything with some beer, duct tape, and a little WD-40."

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