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Cybertruck owner gets roasted for bizarre way he chooses to exit his vehicle

Cybertruck owner gets roasted for bizarre way he chooses to exit his vehicle

"Coolness went from 10 to non existent"

Admit it, you never thought the Cybertruck would actually be mass produced after Elon Musk released his plans.

Well, Tesla released the model in North America in late November 2023 and it's very real.

The Cybertruck looks like something out of Blade Runner or any other dystopian sci-fi movie for that matter, but that hasn't stopped it from having an incredible level of demand.

Since its release though, people haven't been particularly impressed with it, with features such as its confusing brake lights putting people off.

Musk's impression of a futuristic pick-up truck won't be on sale in the UK anytime soon though, so you'll have to fly across the pond if you want to see one.

Another 'groundbreaking' technological device has been released recently that actually can be purchased in the UK.

Apple dropped its long awaited Apple Vision Pro on 2 February, and it has gone viral after owners have showed off the features on social media.

Described as a 'spatial computer' by Apple, users are able to see what's around them, as well as virtual screens and buttons of their choosing.

This Cybertruck owner has been roasted online for the way he gets out of his vehicle.

Sounds cool, but from the outside you just look like you're going around with a pair of VR goggles on - the future is about to look really odd.

This seems to have been proven by Instagram user @thegrizz_, who has gone viral after posting a video of him getting out of his Cybertruck with a brand new pair of Apple Vision Pro goggles on.

As funny as that might look anyway, it's the manner he gets out of the car that is so amusing.

The man hops out of his Cybertruck and slams the door shut with two hands, before he proceeds to make motions with his hands with his Vision Pros on.

The seemingly tongue-in-cheek video has amassed over 54 million views and almost one million likes.

Social media users found the clip bizarre and hilarious.

One user posted on X, formerly Twitter: "The thing that has everyone dunking on the guy exiting the cybertruck aren’t the vision pros but the fact that he slams the door using both hands like a toddler would".

An Instagram viewer commented: "Blud thinks he’s Tony Stark".

Another user on Instagram said: "Me when I'm drunk".

A fourth put: "This is what I imagine iPad kids growing up to become".

Safe to say that a lot of people aren't too thrilled at how the next generation of technology (and humans) look.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thegrizz_

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