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How much alcohol Santa drinks while travelling across UK revealed

How much alcohol Santa drinks while travelling across UK revealed

He loves a few drinks does our Santa

You might think you’ve had a fair few bevs so far today – or maybe that your aunty in the corner has had way too many Proseccos.

But no one’s had as much as the big guy.

With all the tipples being left out for him on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus ends up on a bit of a mad one.

And just how much alcohol does the man in red drink while he’s travelling across the UK has been revealed.

Over in the US, Americans tend to leave out a little tray of cookies and milk, while us Brits like to just leave a glass of alcohol and maybe a mince pie if we can be bothered.

According to Asda, Father Christmas’ most popular tipple of choice is whisky – necking 511,691 glasses of the stuff overnight.

He doesn’t mind a beer either – with 436,701 of them downed.

Santa also gets through 291,134 sherries, 220,557 glasses of wine and 216,146 sips of brandy.

Go on our Santa, lad.
Creative Frame Studio/Getty Images

Obviously, he has even more though - he’s no lightweight our Kris Kringle.

There are 114,689 rums to be swigged, 83,811 mulled wines to be savoured and 57,334 ports to wash down.

And then one for all the mums, Santa Claus even downs 61,755 sparkling wines.

To be honest, I’m not surprised the bloke gets Christmas Day off work – he’d need his stomach pumping after all that, surely.

Evidently loving his alcohol, the big guy gets most lucky in the North East, the East Midlands and over in Wales where the regions leave out the most out for him.

Although, not everyone’s getting Father Christmas smashed, with a fair few homes going alcohol free.

Loves a pint our Kris.
HollenderX2/Getty Images

Asda found that about 90 per cent of parents with kids under the age of 12 prefer Santa to stay sober as he delivers presents through the night.

It’s reported that the demand for low and no alcohol drinks has increased by a mega 46 per cent.

Asda’s Ryan Truswell said: “At a time of year when we see a spike in customers shopping for alcohol alternatives, it’s important we can offer them an exciting option for their festive celebrations and expand our existing range to cover all drinks styles and customer-favourites.

“As we approach the big day, there’s something for everyone, even Santa.”

Christmas Day must bring one hell of a hangover for Mr Claus. What a night on the town for the big guy that must have been.

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