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Man behind iconic ‘Jigsaw, Joker’ Halloween video explains story behind it

Man behind iconic ‘Jigsaw, Joker’ Halloween video explains story behind it

The iconic video went viral back in 2019

Cast your mind back to Halloween 2019, when following the release of the Joaquin Phoenix film, more people than ever were dressing up as the Joker.

And even those not quite dressed as the villain were going viral online because of it.

TikTok user ‘hambidge0’ shared a video approaching a guy on the streets quite clearly dressed as Jigsaw from the Saw film franchise.

But the lad insists in the original video: “So are you meant to look like the Joker?”

And what followed is now the unforgettable ‘Joker-Jigsaw’ back-and-forth between the pair.

He even got Sterie to ‘tap dance’ for him as he continued to joke about him being the Joker. And the video has a hilarious end when Sterie asks: “Where the f**ks she going?”

Believing his ‘ride home’ was a girl he’d pulled, ‘Hambo’ was shocked to find out ‘that girl’ was his sister.

After the video went viral four years ago, the lad took to TikTok to explain the story behind it.

He explained he’d ‘got leathered’ and ‘lost his mates’ on a night out when he heard some ‘raucous shouting’ nearby.

Jigsaw, or the Joker.

But he got distracted, spotting a man stood nearby ‘dressed perfectly as Jigsaw’.

Yep, he finally revealed: “Yes, I’m admitting it – I knew he was the Jigsaw, or Billy the puppet.”

As Hambo chatted away to Sterie he started to joke he ‘looked like the joker’ and in his drunken state, thought it ‘was hilarious’ and it had ‘to be recorded’.

“We actually ended up watching the video back and we were both f**king laughing. We both thought it was f**king hilarious, we loved it.”

He asked if he could post it and Jigsaw-Joker was fine with it, apparently saying: “It’s funny, I like it.”

And then the next morning, Hambo woke up to find his phone ‘had been f**king flooded with Snapchats from people I knew and didn’t know and I was sh**ting myself, thinking ‘what the f**k did I do?’ But turns out people were just saying how funny that video was.”

He explained how he met Sterie.

So, he decided to put it on X (then Twitter) to ‘see what happens’ and it ended up going viral.

“A few days later, Sterie messaged me asking ‘how are you dealing with all these notifications? I can’t deal with it’.

“And because he was the limelight of the whole video, he really made that video what it was of course, he was getting messages from everywhere.

“Nice messages, unfortunately some horrible messages.”

The pair kept chatting and Hambo said the video going viral was ‘the weirdest experience’.

He added of Sterie: “He was actually such a nice guy, he was funny, he was friendly, he was easy to talk to – he was just really welcoming. He didn’t know me and I’m just there recording him, having a laugh with him. He was so nice, just a really nice guy.”

While he’s not spoke to him in a while, he wished Jigsaw-Joker well.

Featured Image Credit: X/@Max_Hambidge

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