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Horrifying moment woman realises her step dad is watching her OnlyFans

Horrifying moment woman realises her step dad is watching her OnlyFans

Sophia, an OnlyFans model, found out her mum's new man was a top subscriber

When it comes to family, there are certain things that are absolutely off limits, and it’s not just blood relations.

If you’re a stepparent, stepchild or even a step aunt, once you join another family, you tend to see them as such.

But for one woman, her stepfather didn’t get the memo and a shocking secret was soon revealed.

Sophia, a 28-year-old OnlyFans model, phoned in to the Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson radio show to tell a horrifying story about her mum’s new boyfriend.

The young woman explained that she had recently met the 'new love of her mother's life', but he wasn’t a stranger to Sophia.

The woman asked Kyle and Jackie O for help.
Instagram/ @kyleandjackieo

He was actually one of the biggest fans of her work.

She explained that her OF content racked her in $6,000 each month based on subscriptions alone, however she also had the choice to bring in extra cash for extra material which was more explicit.

Even though her work is no secret, a high-paying subscriber which turned out to be her mum’s boyfriend has been kept private for fear of how to break it to her mother.

She said: “My mum knows I am on there, and so do a handful of friends.

“I only do topless shots.”

But one receiver of ‘extras' for extra money was her mum's beau, who had spent around $500 in the months before meeting her mum at the gym and starting their relationship.

She explained: “He has not just seen topless shots, he has seen a lot more than that.

“We sent photos back and forth, he has seen videos of me touching myself.”

Sophia's mum doesn’t know that her daughter takes part in dirtier material online which the OF model believes would make exposing her stepdad more awkward.

But it isn’t just a case of her mum’s new man being a subscriber. It’s the possibility of him having orchestrated the whole relationship to be closer to her.

During their first meeting, Sophia noted that he may have already connected the dots between her mum and herself.

She had even shot some of her explicit content sent to him in her mother's room when she was looking after the house.

She said: “He looked sheepish (when we met) and that is what creeped me out the most.”

Kyle and Jackie O were stunned.

Although after beginning a relationship with her mum, he deleted the photos he sent to her and stopped speaking to her on the platform, he continues to pay for his $20-per-month account.

Sophia went on to ask the hosts for their advice on her situation, and they went all in.

Kyle immediately wanted the young woman to come clean and reveal everything before her mum fell deeper in love with the man.

And most of their listeners agreed.

One person wrote: “This is what happens when put yourself on public display. There's probably 100 husbands following.”

Another added: "If she's not willing to remove him when it's just a small $20 she'll lose, then secretly she likes it.

"Sorry if she were that affected by it she'd just remove him and or tell her mother."

What would you do?

Featured Image Credit: KIIS FM

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