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Man trying to break masturbation world record has specific approach to self pleasure

Man trying to break masturbation world record has specific approach to self pleasure

Drake Hardy claimed he was attempting to beat the 'world record' for the longest time spent masturbating

A man claimed he was attempting to achieve the world record for time spent masturbating - and his self-pleasure approach is very specific.

Drake Hardy is a 40-year-old bisexual man who said he was attempting to undergo the longest period of time masturbating during a 2018 interview.

The claim to beat is Masanobu Sato’s nine hours and 33 minutes, which was recognised by the Centre for Sex & Culture way back in 2009.

Interestingly, the record is actually part of the San Fransisco establishment’s annual ‘Masturbate-a-thon’ fundraiser.

The latter event simultaneously raises money for various charities, dispels self-pleasure shame, and contributes to various debates about safer sex.

Hardy, a master’s graduate in physical sciences, claimed he had already beat the record but did it away from prying eyes.

The current record for the longest time spent masturbating is nine hours and 33 minutes.
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Speaking to Mel Magazine at the time, he said: “I knew I could beat it.

“Actually, I’ve beat the record, but by myself, without a witness. I figured there’s a world record for something I happen to be pretty good at, and have a chance of beating.”

He added: “Who hasn’t dreamed of being the best in the world at something?"

Hardy claimed he can masturbate for a total of ten hours and ten minutes, and offered readers his tried-and-tested tips for lasting longer.

Speaking to the publication, he explains he first gets in the mood by ‘putting on some music’ and ‘set lighting’.

“This is a time to focus on pleasuring me,” he explained.

The to-be-champion also claimed that sex toys help to extend his marathon sessions.

Drake Hardy puts music on and uses sex toys in his masturbation sessions.
Pexels/Cottonbro Studio

“It’s work to go beyond six hours, but I strive to keep it pleasurable.

“I won’t continue if I’m not receiving pleasure, and I certainly stop if it becomes painful.”

While he doesn’t ‘advocate’ for people masturbating for any insane length of time, the to-be-record holder did say that he wanted people to focus on pleasuring themselves more.

“Don’t just make yourself cum in five minutes because you’re horny, or watching porn.

“Focus on pleasuring yourself and finding out what turns you on and what feels good.”

He also admitted that to keep up momentum while masturbating, he often allows his erection to become ‘partial tumescence’.

This is essentially a fancy scientific term for a penis that is partly, but not fully, erect.

The world record event helps to open up conversations about safe sex and break self-pleasure taboos.
Pexels/Cottonbro Studio

However, he admitted that ‘resting’ his bits in this manner can sometimes be ‘risky’ and said that this often leads him to lose momentum.

“The first time I did ten hours, I remember looking at the clock and saw I was at about six and thought, ’Okay just a little more and I’m done’.

“I was so focused that the next thing I knew I was ready to quit, and it was ten hours!”

But really - why does this man want to compete in the Masturbate-a-thon?

The true reason is so that he can inspire people to have ‘open and honest’ sexual freedom, of course.

He admitted that when he was younger, he was taught that pleasuring yourself sexually was ‘sinful’ and something to be ‘ashamed of’.

“I want to share my experiences with others in the hope that their journey to sexual freedom can be shorter, better informed and more open and honest — with themselves and others.”

Featured Image Credit: Relativity media/Getty stock image

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