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People extremely frustrated after not being able to see terrifying woman in viral photo

People extremely frustrated after not being able to see terrifying woman in viral photo

The seemingly sweet picture has something rather spooky hiding in it.

There's nothing more frustrating than being unable to see something that is staring you right in the face - but you'd reckon people wouldn't mind this time around, seen as though it's a terrifying woman eluding them.

But social media users are going spare because they can't make out the fearsome female lurking in this spooky optical illusion that has been circulating online.

Take a look at this one to warm yourself up:

Because this next one will certainly put your eyesight to the test, that's for sure.

At first glance, the image looks quite wholesome - a blonde little girl and her brunette friend are sitting next to each other in some kind of woodland scenery.

The fair-haired youngster's face is turned to look at her pal, while the other child seems to be staring at the floor.

Just two little girls having a bit of a giggle while they sit in the woods. Cute, right?

Well, it is until you have a proper look at the seemingly sweet picture.

If you have anything less than 20/20 vision, you might have got a fright while scrolling past this post online.

It seems that those of us who are cursed to wear glasses or contact lenses for the rest of our lives have a bit of a strange superpower when it comes to this optical illusion.

This optical illusion has stumped some social media users.

People who have blurred vision when they aren't using any visual aids are able to see a third face in the snap - and it's not another sweet little girl who is staring back.

Some Twitter users claim to have spotted it straight away, but others were dumbfounded and didn't know where they were supposed to be looking.

One said: "Well, that was nightmare fuel. Thanks for the loss of sleep I'll be having."

Another wrote: "Apparently I’m not as blind as I thought. I see two children. No matter what I do with my phone or the amount of squinting!"

A third added: "Seriously, what am I looking at?"

A fourth chimed in: "That freaked me out."

And a fifth commented: "What’s it suppose to look like? What am I missing?"

If you're still struggling, we've edited the picture slightly to make the face a bit more clear - check it out below:

People find it easier to spot when the image is blurred.

Right, let's put you sharp-sighted folks out of your misery - you should be able to spot a spooky-looking woman with a pale white face and chilling dark eyes glaring back at you from the left hand side of the picture.

She's hidden in the hair and body of the blonde girl, and is admittedly easier to spot once you know she's there - though that doesn't make her any less creepy.

The side of the blonde girl's face forms the forehead of the woman, while a shadow in her hair and under her chin forms the woman's eyes. Towards the bottom of the hair is the nose, and a crease in the girl's t-shirt forms the mouth.

So, now that you know it's there, you'll also know that you probably could have lived without seeing that eerie, lifeless face, couldn't you?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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