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Kid covers his parents' entire kitchen in Nutella in truly horrifying scenes

Kid covers his parents' entire kitchen in Nutella in truly horrifying scenes

The whole place was wall to wall Nutella

A TikToker has gone viral after coating pretty much every surface of their parents' kitchen in Nutella for reasons we cannot possibly fathom.

TikToker @kaihspeakup decided for some reason to spread several jars worth of the brown stuff over every spot they could reach.

On the plus side, they did at least lay cling film down over plenty of the surfaces so the job of cleaning up all that Nutella was made a little easier.

Quite how many jars it takes to paint pretty much the entire room, the worktops and even the appliances was not confirmed but they could be seen piled up in the sink so at a rough estimate we'd guess 'a lot'.

This dramatic redecoration has left people truly flabbergasted, bewildered, mystified and basically every other word for confused that exists in our lexicon.

The kitchen before it was redecorated, note the copious amounts of cling film over everything.

Most people would never even consider smearing Nutella over the walls of their parent's kitchen, let alone getting enough to paint pretty much every surface with the spread.

Plenty who saw the TikTok, which has since gone viral, were dismayed at the sheer amount of spread that appeared to have gone to waste.

Many lamented that there had been 'so much wasted Nutella' in the TikTok stunt, while one person commented that 'I could've eaten all that' and said they should have been given the spread.

Others wanted to see what the parent's reaction had been, though that video hasn't yet been posted so it's up to our collective imaginations to wonder how someone might react to their kitchen being covered in a layer of hazelnut spread.

Someone else said it was a 'lucky day' for any ants in the nearby area, and coating the interior of a room in Nutella is definitely one way to attract the attention of pretty much anything looking for a snack.

Here's what it looked like after being painted with several jars of Nutella.

Yet more asked the very simple question 'why', but as of yet, there has been no official reply as to the motive behind the apparent madness, though if the TikToker's plan was to get lots of views on the site then it worked.

As if that wasn't enough his next video was them filling the cupboards in the kitchen with bags of beans which poured out when opened.

We don't know what that poor kitchen did to deserve this sort of treatment or the sheer effort that goes into all of this punishment but we're already wondering what the next prank is going to be.

LADbible has contacted the TikToker in an attempt to learn why on earth they coated their parent's kitchen with Nutella because at this point we just want to know what's going on in that noggin.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kaihspeakup

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