Nutella Bosses Reveal The Correct Pronunciation

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Nutella Bosses Reveal The Correct Pronunciation

It's a debate as old as time, well, not quite, but people certainly disagree about it: how do you really pronounce the word 'Nutella'?

The delicious chocolate spread is popular the world over, but despite hitting the shelves in 1964, fans of the sweet spread continue to differ on how to say it.

Well, fortunately, Ferrero has finally revealed exactly how we should have been saying it all along.

According to the chocolatiers, the emphasis should be put on the 'N' and 'OU', with the correct pronunciation being NOUtella. What?


Yep. If you're one of the 78 percent of Brits who has been calling it NUTella all these years, it appears you have been embarrassing yourself.

Discussing the correct pronunciation and putting the argument to bed, a spokesperson for Nutella, Ferrero UK & Ireland, said they shouldn't be too disheartened, though. It's only chocolate.

"As Nutella is enjoyed in every corner of the world, there has long been some fun debates on how it should be pronounced," they said in a statement.

You have probably been saying it wrong for years. Credit: Nutella/Ferrero
You have probably been saying it wrong for years. Credit: Nutella/Ferrero

"Our Nutella team wanted to share how we pronounce the iconic spread's name. We emphasise the 'NOU' in 'NOU-tella', but we don't mind how our fans decide to pronounce it - the most important thing to us is that you enjoy it."

Now, if you've had enough of the regular flavour and are looking for something a little more exciting, how about white chocolate Nutella?

Australian snack specialists Bruce Super Convenience was sent a jar of the interesting concoction by snack and food reviewer The Snack Controller last year.

Sharing a snap of the sweet treat, Bruce wrote: "This blessed jar was sent to me by @thesnackcontroller - and I need to thank his/her/their beautiful soul for creating this thing of beauty, and sending me one.


"This jar, with that logo so famous, is found on shelves ALL over the world... but alas, it's always a dark brown color... milk chocolate flavor.

"This one has a white - slightly golden - color, and even look at the toast in the picture, it has a white spread on it!

"The spread smells like a Kinder dream, and it tastes even better. It does remind me of one of my ALL-TIME favourite Kinder snacks, the White Schoko-Bons.


"It has the familiarity of a Kinder product, with a strong hazelnut influence, and creamy white-milk-chocolate (can that be a thing?!)."

Sadly, however, the channel ended the dream, adding: "OK, I'm going to be bombarded with messages and DM's [sic], so let me answer right now - no, this is not a real product, and no, you cannot buy your body's weight of this product!"

What a kick in the Nutellas, right?

But if you are keen to try it, Bruce Super Convenience advised having a read of The Snack Controller's descriptions carefully to try and work out the recipe.

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