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People can't understand maths pattern found on the face of every clock

People can't understand maths pattern found on the face of every clock

Some say it's 'very easy' while others are left 'creeped out' by it

Sometimes things are just so simple it manages to become confusing.

And more often or not, there’s a numbers or maths based scenario confusing peopleno matter how easy it’s supposed to be.

In a classic scenario, people are now confused by the maths pattern found on the face of every clock.

Going viral on X, watch the clip in question here:

The cryptic video has had over 53 million views as it asks: “Why 13?”

Users were mind-boggled as every opposite-facing number on the clock face added up to make the number 13.

The viral clip shows a pen circling each set of numbers, starting at 12 and 1, then onwards to 11 and 2, 10 and 3, and so on.

People are pretty spooked by the ‘coincidence’ that the numbers all make 13 as one wrote: “My maths teacher did not teach me this.”

It's 'very easy' really.

Another even began to speculate: “The Gregorian calendar, the calendar system we currently use, is based on 12 months. However, the original Sol or international fixed calendar is based on 13 months.” And plenty backed this theory up.

While one slammed: “It's 13 because humans look for patterns and find them, even if they don't mean anything. A clock is a clock."

Another joked: “It’s like every hour of the day is unlucky. That explains some things I guess.”




Some said the number is now ‘creeping’ them out as one put: “I'm guessing 13 because there are 13 zodiac signs when you include the masculine sign."

However, many users pointed out that it’s just a ‘very easy’ answer.

“We start with 12+1 and going down with circles which implies that the clock goes +1 on the right and -1 on the left which then means it will always be the same result at the end… 13.”


Others asked: “Why did simple mathematics become magic for most people?”

Another interestingly added: “It's because you chose those positions. You could also do 10 and 1 , 9 and 2, 8 and 3, 7 and 4, 6 and 5 and then you get 11. Nothing really special guys.

“But what is really weird is if you look at any picture of a watch anywhere you will see the hands are always at 10:00 and 2: 00. Google an image of any watch let me know what you find...”

Well, now that’s a whole other thing to go and be mind-boggled by.

Featured Image Credit: X/GunsnRosesgirl13

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