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Bloke’s awful Lara Croft tattoo cover-up is absolutely outrageous

Bloke’s awful Lara Croft tattoo cover-up is absolutely outrageous

The internet was left in an uproar over the terrible tattoo

Some people love getting tattoos and develop an addiction for getting inked. Admittedly, it must be pretty satisfying to look down at your arm and see a work of art across your skin.

But what happens when a tattoo goes wrong? How is a person meant to react when they realise they have an artistic abomination etched into their skin?

Well, one man had this scenario play out on video as he got to cast his eyes over his new Lara Croft tattoo.

Lara Croft is many things to many people - she's sexy, she's adventurous, she kicks ass.

And done by the right artist, she'd make for a pretty cool tattoo.

Particularly if this tattoo is based on Croft played by Angelina Jolie, who was once considered the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

However, this poor bloke's inking looked less Jolie and more... Roger the Alien from American Dad.

A viral video posted on Reddit shows the moment that the tattoo is revealed, with Jolie's pouting lips looking rather froggish.

This Lara Croft is so bad it has to be seen to be believed.

Her feminine eyes look remarkably spaced out and her hair looks flat.

On the whole, it's not a great look.

Whatever this poor guy paid for the tattoo, it was too much.

They say the windows are the eyes to the soul. If that's true, then you can only get a mere glimpse of the despair in this man's eyes.

He looks absolutely gutted - and is probably already thinking of booking an appointment for laser removal.

Viewers of the tragic clip were quick to comment on his misfortune too.

One person wrote: "Angelina Jolie, but in PlayStation 1 with burnt ram chip."

Another said: "Walmart version of Lara Croft on crack."

From another commenter, there came a pertinent question: "What was it covering up? Kermit?"

This tattoo generated a lot of comment online.

That is a valid point and begs the question - how bad was the tattoo that this was supposedly covering up?

One commenter suggested that an alternative Tomb Raider film might have been in the mind of the artist: "Michael Jackson as Lara Croft?"

There's an image to haunt your nightmares.

Hopefully this man can take comfort in knowing he's not the only person to have been landed with a bad deal with tattoos.

Somebody was dealt a bad hand when they opted to get Wednesday Addams tattooed onto their leg.

Unfortunately, the outcome resembled Samuel L. Jackson wearing a wig.

Not what you want on a tattoo - unless you have unusual taste

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/WatchPeopleDieInside

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