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The bizarre reason why guys hold fish in dating apps pictures

Anna Verdon

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The bizarre reason why guys hold fish in dating apps pictures

If you’re dating, or on the quest to find love after a series of unfortunate romances, it’s likely somebody’s told you that there are ‘plenty more fish in the sea’.

But this literally couldn’t be truer in online dating.

If you’re swiping through Tinder, and your search includes men, you may have seen a fair few blokes holding up a fish in their pictures.

It’s a puzzling phenomenon that’s so widespread people posting these photos are being dubbed part of 'Fish Tinder', and others are even rating these photos on TikTok.


But why are men putting these fishy photos on their profiles? Is it because they want you hooked? Do they want to reel you in for a date? Or is it just a display of masculinity to show that they’re interested in these typically ‘manly’ acts?

To try and get to the bottom of it, The Cut asked men holding fish in their dating profiles why they’re doing that. And their answers varied.

One respondent simply said: “I think the fish look really nice.” While another commented: “By comparison, the fish makes me look better looking.”


Another man responded to say: “Some of us actually have career ambitions to be fishermen.”

But there could be some other reasons too.

These photos show an element of strength and athleticism. Or perhaps some men may be posting these images as a weeding-out tactic.


By sharing their fish pictures they’re highlighting to potential matches that they have a full-on and time-consuming hobby, so there won’t be any surprises later on down the line.

Another possibility could be that they want to show they would be a resourceful and valuable partner.

Evolutionary psychologist, David Buss, who is also a professor at the University of Texas, told The Cut: “Resources obtained by the man’s individual efforts are more highly valued than, say, resources that a man lucked into.


“This also signals industriousness, a work ethic, and is a good cure to long-term provisioning potential.”

Still, it’s pretty baffling to many and several women have taken to TikTok to poke fun at the trend, and even rate the photos.

One social media user said: “Why do sooooo many dudes post pics of them holding a fish?? Like that’s supposed to impress me??”


Others waded in on the debate of why men might be doing this with one person saying: “Maybe it’s a subconscious association to the time when we were hunters and gatherers, when seeing people who get the food your animal instinct goes ‘hey! successful hunter good, acceptable partner, will live prosperous life' (I'm kidding but who knows? human brains are weird).”

But another was annoyed at the banter saying: “Heaven forbid a man shows a picture of himself enjoying one of his hobbies on a dating site profile picture. Can’t show body pics as it is either vain or gross. Can’t show yourself enjoying a hobby either. What else is there?”

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Featured Image Credit: EyeEm / sablin / Alamy Stock Photo

Topics: Animals, Sex and Relationships, Tinder

Anna Verdon
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