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Woman Says She Was Ghosted After Telling Match She Wanted To Name Her Baby 'Megatron'

Woman Says She Was Ghosted After Telling Match She Wanted To Name Her Baby 'Megatron'

Of course, everyone knows Meg is short for Megatron, right?

A woman got sacked off on a dating app after telling a guy she wanted to name her first child Megatron.

Now, navigating the plethora of dating apps isn't easy. You over analyse every photo you select for your profile, every fun anecdote or quirky quote in your bio, any detail about yourself that may be interpreted as strange or unlikeable.

Then, of course, there's the actual chat itself. Some have the gift of the textual gab, others fling whatever they can at the wall with the hope something sticks, and a few use a tried-and-tested line over and over again.

But as for Emily Forney? Well, she shared her recent tale of dating app woe on Twitter.

The man she'd matched with, who hasn't been named, threw out a pretty striking opener: "What should we name our first child?"

Ballsy, that's for sure. Some may have given a more ordinary answer, others would have probably been turned off - but Emily responded in a way he didn't expect.

She tweeted: "I had to tell him that in fifth grade I lost a bet to my best friend Hannah and have to without question name my first born child Megatron and then the man unmatched me."

It's unclear whether Emily was a really big Transformers fan, but for those who've clearly not spent enough time in Quahog, Peter Griffin changes Meg's name on her birth certificate to 'Megatron'.

The tweet has racked up more than 530,000 likes and thousands of responses across Twitter. Hilariously, Nicki Minaj caught sight of it and wrote: "His loss. What a dope name."

Another user wrote: "The dude asked a wild line, ACTUALLY GOT an amazing response, and LEFT?? What's his ideal outcome for this line???"

To this, one user speculated: "He’s supposed to be the funny one, the girl being funny irritates him."

Another user replied: "Who in their right mind would unmatch to a woman who gave this as an answer? This is apex-level attraction."

Others have shared their own possible baby names, with one writing: "I used to joke with my ex that if we had a daughter I wanted to name her Mayonnaise.

"It'd be shortened to May, and nobody would ever question it cause May isn't usually short for anything, but she'd know she was named after a condiment."

The tweet has also attracted responses from people who've grown up to give their kids the names they always wanted, whether it's Tiberius Wildstar, Atreyu or Ponyboy.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Sky

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