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Mum's X-rated wrapping paper fail leaves people in stitches

Mum's X-rated wrapping paper fail leaves people in stitches

The mum-of-two was well into her wrapping when she spotted the problem with the paper

Christmas: the time of festive films, cheery songs, and accidentally explicit wrapping paper. Right?

Okay, not everyone's wrapping paper haul comes covered in allusions to genitalia, but this does sum up at least one person's festive season after she took a closer look at her nicely wrapped Christmas presents.

Mum-of-four Nicole, from Queensland, Australia, took to Facebook to share her unfortunate mishap after purchasing a roll of paper from the novelty store Typo.

She ordered the paper online and set about wrapping up her Christmas presents, initially believing the red paper patterned with sleighs, reindeer and snowmen was entirely innocent.

Nicole was well into her wrapping when she realised.

Speaking to Kidspot, Nicole explained that it was only when wrapping her third present that she noticed what the images on the paper really showed.

Nestled among the snowflakes and Christmassy patterns were not just reindeers, but horny reindeers who were going at it, with some mounting others.

The explicit content didn't stop there, as the paper also featured snowmen with very suggestively-placed carrots. Basically, they had root vegetables for penises.

Nicole recalled: "I purchased them online and only noticed when I was wrapping my third present - thankfully the first two were for me and my partner!

The naughty paper appeared innocent at first glance.

"When I first saw it I had to send photos to my friend and mother to see if they noticed anything off while wiping laughing tears from my face."

Nicole had been misled by the fact the paper was innocently named 'Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll', but she decided not to get rid of it completely.

Instead, she managed to find a way to work around the X-rated images to avoid having any awkward conversations with her kids, who are four and 16.

"I have only wrapped small presents in it now with strategically placed name labels," the mum explained.

"I find it hilarious and have showed everyone. I put the post up on social media in case someone hadn’t noticed or may have left it too late to buy more paper ... and to give people a laugh!"

Nicole has managed to hide the more explicit parts of the paper.

Nicole shared images of the paper to the Christmas Mums Australia Facebook group, writing: “To anyone who purchased this cute wrapping paper from Typo… just a little thing or two I noticed…”

Her post was met with numerous comments from amused social media users, with one describing it as 'Sex Ed at it's finest!'

“This is the best!” another wrote.

It might not have been the innocent paper she was expecting, but at least Nicole spotted the reality before it was too late!

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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