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Can You Believe 'Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow’ Is 15 Years Old?

Mark McGowan

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Can You Believe 'Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow’ Is 15 Years Old?

Like everyone with a penchant for nostalgia, I truly believe that the kids' TV programmes today are nothing compared to what we had as kids. Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Pinky & The Brain, Round the Twist - truly an impressive list of televisual delights.

But who could forget Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow? Well, guess what - it turns out that everyone's favourite show is 15 years old?! And it finished over a decade ago.

dick and dom
dick and dom

Credit: PA

I feel really old now - albeit not as old as Dick and Dom however, who've somehow ignored our assumption that all kids' TV presenters stay as youthful as they were in their heyday forever, and are now somehow in their forties. Now that's truly terrifying.

Anyway, back to memory lane. In Da Bungalow was classic kids' TV in the vein of Ant and Dec (and Cat Deeley)'s SMTV, except sillier - yes, that is possible. Dick and Dom lived... well, in 'Da Bungalow' - in twin beds, naturally, as all men in their early 20s do - and every Saturday morning, celebrities, kids and randomers would visit their amazingly garish gaff to play lots of weird games.

dick and dom
dick and dom

Credit: BBC

Perfect Saturday morning TV. All you needed to enjoy it was a glass of orange juice and a bowl of Cheerios.

The games were truly epic. Creamy Muck Muck involved throwing custard at people answering questions. Then there was Baby Race, in which (as it sounds) parents tried to get their babies to crawl towards them to see who was the fastest.

Don't Go Daddy, meanwhile, was played in pairs, with one person dressing up as 'Daddy' and the other playing a kid, grabbing the parent figure by the legs and refusing to let them 'go to work'. What's in The Box is fairly self-explanatory, but the answer was always something so random that you would never be able to guess it. And of course, The Pants Dance involved singing a song while wearing pants on your head. They should do this on The X Factor, IMO.

dick and dom
dick and dom

Credit: BBC

And then there was the best of them all - Bogies, which would take them out of the bungalow and into the real world. The aim of the game,as you may remember, was to go into a public place and take it in turns to shout 'bogies', getting louder and louder each time. The winner was the person who shouted the loudest and didn't cave from embarrassment.

Pure genius.

Unsurprisingly, it spawned a lot of copycats and you probably played it in school all the time. Almost makes me feel like I should apologise to my teachers, looking back. Well, not really.

dick and dom
dick and dom

Dick and Dom in November 2015. As you can see, they've matured over the years. Credit: PA

But sadly, Bogies is one of the reasons that Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow got cancelled - MP Peter Luff even took it up in Parliament in 2005, complaining that the BBC was funding the pair to encourage kids to shout 'bogies' at people in libraries and restaurants, even using the word 'lavatorial' to describe its content.

What. A. Spoilsport.

Apparently Dick and Dom might return to Da Bungalow for a one-off comedy gig for charity. I certainly hope this happens.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

Topics: Nostalgia

Mark McGowan
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