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People plead with BBC to stop after new Mrs Brown's Boys series announced

People plead with BBC to stop after new Mrs Brown's Boys series announced

The new four-part mini series is coming later this year

The BBC has announced a new four-part series of Mrs Brown’s Boys and it seems to have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.

The comedy show, created by Brendan O'Carroll, launched back in 2011 and ran for three series and although there hasn’t been a series since 2013, the show returns each year for a Christmas special. It also spawned a feature film, titled Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie in 2014.

Announcing the new four-part series, Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy at BBC, said: "BBC Comedy are pleased to announce that after a decade since the last full series of Mrs Brown's Boys, millions of viewers around the UK will be thrilled to hear that Brendan is bringing Agnes and the family back together for a brand-new mini-series of his award-winning show."

Head of Comedy Executive Producer Josh Cole said: “There’s no one quite like Mrs Brown.

“An absolute force of outrageous wit and slapstick that has audiences hooked and belly laughing. It’s great to be back."

And in a statement, O’Carroll said: "This mini-series was actually planned for 2021. Having been thwarted twice, firstly by Covid-19 and then by a post-Covid shortage of studios, it's fantastic to, at last, have the chance to make it happen. Fasten your seatbelts and hold onto your hats."

Mrs Brown's Boys is back for its first series in a decade.

However, not everyone is glad to see it back on their screens, responding to the news one social media user said: “Oh God no. Please. Just stop.”

Another added: “I actually used to like Mrs Brown's Boys but it’s definitely run its course in my eyes. Shame BBC didn’t get that memo tho.”

A third wrote: I gather another series of Mrs Brown’s Boys has been commissioned? Hasn’t the UK suffered enough the past few years? It’s totally unfunny dross. Should be commissioning new, decent talent.”

But before you feel too sorry for poor ol’ Agnes, others were delighted with the announcement.

Not everyone is thrilled with the announcement.

“Absolutely made-up,” said one Twitter user. “I actually don’t understand why so many people hate it?

"Maybe because they don’t like having a laugh? That’s my guess. Yes, the show hasn’t been at its best, but don’t write it off just yet…”

And another pointed out: “My TV comes with an amazing option to turn the TV station over so for God’s sake stop whinging and don’t watch it if you don’t like it.” Fair point.

As yet, a release date for the new series has not been revealed, but filming is reportedly set to start this spring.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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