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The Legend Of Binley Mega Chippy And Why It's So Popular

The Legend Of Binley Mega Chippy And Why It's So Popular

All you need to know about the latest ironic British culture trend

It’s not always possible to identify why certain things go viral on the internet, and this one is proving to follow that line of oddity. If you have been on TikTok recently and haven’t heard of Binley Mega Chippy, you really haven’t been doing it right. 

The chippy has been a local hotspot in Binley, near Coventry, since it opened in 2004 and was first mentioned online in 2009.

However, the chippy started to gain the attention of millions when a TikTok food reviewer named posted a slideshow of the best takeaways in the UK, Binley Mega Chippy being the first. 

It has now turned into the latest ironic British culture trend, with thousands of viewers creating viral videos to the theme tune of ‘Binley’s Mega Chippy’.

Another possible contributing factor to its rising popularity is that BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend was held in Coventry last week. Festival-goers actually had the opportunity to visit the iconic chippy and see what all the hype is about, rather than just scrolling past it on TikTok. 

However, by far the main contributor to this trend is the Tiktok account @binleymegachippyfan53, who posted a video featuring the theme tune that everyone knows and loves, or possibly hates, depending whether it is stuck in your head. It has now been viewed by over half a million people and 4,000 have used it to create iconic and hilarious videos of their own. 

The iconic chip shop is located on Binley Road, Binley, and locals have been left utterly confused as to why their weekly takeaway hotspot has found fame, one stated on Twitter: “Binley Mega Chippy has done more for Coventry than the year of culture.”

Chippy tea has been an iconic British takeaway for decades, but one thing is now for certain, nowhere in the UK does it like Binley and we can’t wait to go and visit. 

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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