Woman Calls The Police Because She Missed Out On McDonald's Breakfast

Woman Calls The Police Because She Missed Out On McDonald's Breakfast

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Here’s the best takeaways you can order right now in Ireland

Here’s the best takeaways you can order right now in Ireland

Just call it Lockdown 2: Electric Deliveroo. Obviously the highlight of the first COVID-19 enforced house party was the chance to order endless takeaways without feeling bad at all, any now that we've entered into Tier 5 on the shite-o-meter again, we can all get used to throwing all the euros we save on pints at food instead.

With that in mind, we've totted up our favourite takeaways from all over Ireland to create a top 5 of food that you can get sent to your gaff without having to worry about the unpleasantness of the outside world.

Sure, if you live outside the big cities, you're going to struggle, but fear not: we have thought of you too. There's chippers. That's you, walking to the chipper, safe in the knowledge that farm animals can't transmit coronavirus and you don't need to wear a mask when you're driving your tractors. Look - usually we love everyone in Ireland, but in times like this it's actually really annoying to be in the city paying a million euros a year for rent and not being allowed out. Just enjoy your beautiful countryside.


Right, rant over: let's get onto what you can order in Dublin. We'd be remiss not to talk pizzas, and if you're in the market for one, then look no further than Fired Up Wood Fired Pizza in Goatstown. They're offering "New York Inspired, Neapolitan Sourdough Wood Fired Pizza" which is suitably hipster. New York and Neapolitan at the same time: if their pizza is half as good as their organized crime then this should be a masterpiece.

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We're also big fans of, er, Bigfan, the Asian restaurant in central Dublin that is shipping out bao buns, dumplings, rice boxes and fried chicken via their website and Deliveroo. Our favourite is the jiaozi potsticker dumplings, which come in pork, beef, chicken or beyond meat varieties, so you can keep the whole flatshare happy, even the vegans.

While we're stuck at home, we're happy with being antisocial - and that extends to our food orders. Antisocial in The Liberties are bringing the pub and bar experience to your door, with a menu that includes toasties, cocktails and bags of cans. No, really: they'll do you a €26 bottle of cocktails that goes as far as four people, or a €40 keg of beer, or a €12 bag of cans. It's like a party in your mouth and everyone is invited, except nobody is invited.

We wouldn't forget our rebel cousins in Cork, either. KC & Sons have been open since 1958, when they probably we doing something slightly more traditional than the filled pitta breads that they're punting now, that's a point in their favour. Where else can you get a chip butty made in a pitta bread with mayo? That's fusion food, Cork style.


In Galway and Sligo, Ireland's taco masters are still very much at work at Tuco. They've locations in both cities and are now doing pick up again, with a menu that takes in all the classics: tacos, enchiladas, burritos, the lot. They were named the best Mexican food in Ireland in 2019, so give them some support if you're out in the West - they'll sell you a beer too. A Corona, even, if you're that person. Don't be that person.

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