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​Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers To Lend Greta Thunberg His Electric Car

​Arnold Schwarzenegger Offers To Lend Greta Thunberg His Electric Car

The two met earlier this year at the Austrian World Summit

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been so impressed by Greta Thunberg's hustle that he's offered to lend her his electric car so she can nip around in the United States.

After delivering an incredible speech at the United Nations Climate Change Summit last week, 16-year-old Thunberg spoke to Norwegian-Swedish TV show Skavlan, where she revealed she'd had Arnie on her side.

According to a press release from show about the interview, she said: "One of the funniest offers I've received is that Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered me to lend his electric car if I want to."

Greta Thunberg addressing the Climate Action Summit in the United Nations General Assembly last week.

A spokesperson for Schwarzenegger then confirmed to Car and Driver that he had, indeed, arranged for an electric car for Thunberg so that she could travel around North America while touring for public events.

The spokesperson said: "Greta can travel fully electric through the United States and Canada."

Thunberg sadly wasn't offered Schwarzenegger's favourite electric vehicle, his Kreisel Electric H1 Hummer - instead it was the Tesla 3 Model, which isn't exactly a bad back-up.

The spokesperson added: "Getting his electric Hummer across the country would be quite a challenge, so it isn't his personal car... it's a Tesla Model 3."

The two met earlier this year at the Austrian World Summit, an initiative of Schwarzenegger's climate action organisation #R20.

The Hollywood actor may be one of the biggest stars on the planet, but he admitted even he felt a little 'starstruck' by the youngster.

And it seems the lasting impression was so strong that he felt he should offer up his car - knowing that Thunberg's been trying to ditch air travel, having famously made her way across the Atlantic to the UN Climate Action Summit by boat.

This week, meanwhile, she's been in Montreal, Canada, where she led yet another climate strike.

Thunberg also got the chance to sit down with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who she said is 'obviously not doing enough' to help tackle climate change.

Trudeau later admitted he couldn't argue with the sentiment, saying: "I agree with her entirely. We need to do more."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Arnold Schwarzenegger

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